10 Reasons Why You Should See Every Movie with Emma Stone (Interview RE-mix)

I recently sat in on a call with Emma Stone, answering questions for her new movie “Easy A” where she hearkens back to her High School years. “That girl from Superbad” became “that girl with the hair in her eyes from Zombieland” and is now about to come “that girl in that movie with Phoebe!” Emma Stone is not your typical Hollywood actress. From her choice of parts to humbling attitude, she doesn’t really spill out the “Lindsay Lohan” alcoholic vibe. In the call, I got to find out a little more about Zombieland 2, her motivation with drama, and her life as an 80s movie. (Sexiest pictures at the bottom) So I present to you 10 Reasons Why You Should See Every Movie with Emma Stone (Including Easy A)

10.) She has worked with Bill Murray – There’s not much to say here. She now has it on her resume that she has worked beside one of the greatest comedy actors of all time, “Ghostbusters” All you have to say is “Ghostbusters” and everyone starts to sing that ridiculously catchy tune. Some people will never die, Bill Murray is one of them. Emma Stone is now connected to him directly, only awesome can come from that.

9.) She’s not afraid to go indie – Paper Man is a film with Jeff Daniels, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds. It is also a movie no one knew about. The three people who saw this film surely didn’t see Zombieland, but Emma Stone was not afraid to take the step into the indie world. She brings the heat, she brings the indie, she brings the awkward witty comedy.

8.) She’s not afraid to do drama – “The Master” (Pre-Production – rumored) and “The Help” (Filming) are two upcoming films to bring Emma Stone to the upper echelon of actresses. Can she really act? Can she bring more heat than Paper Man? “The Master” is supposedly a film staring her, Amanda Seyfried, and the sexy red-head vampire from True Blood (Deborah Ann Woll) versus Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) and Philip Seymour Hoffman (Any amazing movie you can think of). This huge dramatic production would be an even bigger launch for an actress who getting extremely far extremely quickly. I’m crossing my fingers for her to be a real actress unlike Michael Cera who plays… well… Michael Cera…

7.) She takes the High School Rom-Com to a new level – I have seen a lot of High School romantic comedies in my day and “Easy A” is one that takes the most basic formula from those classic 80s films and recreates it for todays audience. Referencing lots of other material while also being quick witted and keeping a blazingly fast pace, “Easy A” was one of the most fun comedies to come along in a while. If you take an 80s comedy and the wit of Superbad, roll it up into a ball and bake it in an oven with Emma Stone at 250 degrees for 90 minutes you get “Easy A.” A movie that all of you guys should take your girlfriend to.

6.) She Makes Amanda Bynes look Fat – God Amanda Bynes looks fat in “Easy A” I went from thinking the “All That” success story was this knockout to thinking she looks kinda funky… (I do realize this has nothing to do with Emma Stone, but you should see “Easy A” just because of this. It’s mindblowing looking at her)

5.) She did Zombieland. FREAKING ZOMBIELAND – Yeah… She did…. Commenting on Zombieland 2 Emma Stone said… “I don’t know. We’ll have to see. We’ll have to see what’s going to happen… I think we all loved making the movie and would love to see what happens next, especially in 3D.”  Zombieland 2 is pretty much good to go, all they need to do is line up a script, some 3D cameras, and get together all of their actors that are off doing other projects like Social Network. Reuben Fleischer the director is strongly confident that shooting with 3D cameras will help the films acceptance as a 3D film. He is against the post conversion process for the same reasons we all hated “The Last Airbender”

4.) She Loves Her some 80’s movies – My one, and only, question to Miss Stone was about the many 80s references in the film and how they relate to her life. (Specifically John Cusack with a boom box over his head). She replied saying..

“All of those movies made me feel different about life. That was a big part of what I could relate to for my character because my Dad showed me those movies when I was very young. I mean Lloyd Dobbler – to know him is to love him. So, that Boom Box over the head has always been pretty iconic I think probably in all of our lives. I hope I’m not speaking for anybody who doesn’t feel the same, buy why wouldn’t you feel the same? And [all of] the John Hughes movies and all of those. I’m crazy about all of that, so yes. All of those had a very big influence on my life and the way I hope romance would go. I can definitely relate to her (Olive) wanting her life to be an 80’s movie.”

Her love of 80’s films and her character in “Easy A” (Olive), wanting her life to be one creates a more iconic presence for her and for her character.

3.) Faking Sex is Fun – When asked what is the best way to fake sex Emma Stone said ” There’s a lot of angles here.  I mean it depends on what you’re going for, what kind of reaction you’re looking to create but the yelling and the banging the wall and the jumping up and down all seems to work pretty well, in my experience.  If you’re going for something more subtle, I guess you could just make some rustling sounds, like throw something against the wall once or twice.  Subtle, quiet but still—…… Go big or go home, that’s what I say.”

2.) She’s Not afraid to take on 18th Century Literature “The Scarlet Letter” – When confronted with the question of redoing a classic tale she said… “Well, it’s hard for me to tell you what Hester would have thought.  It’s just like we say in the movie, Hester decided to be silent about what was going on, and Olive is wildly outspoken and lying the entire time as well.  Olive doesn’t actually sleep with any of these people.  It’s kind of almost the reverse problem in a way, even though they’re both being ostracized.  So, it’s very interesting……..

Another thing that I would just to say in terms of it being an updated Scarlet Letter, I think a big part of the Scarlet Letter‘s influence is in that idea where when you’re young and you read something or you watch something, you kind of tend to apply it to your life.  The first time you read a book that you really, really loved and you felt like you were that character or that character—finally, someone understood you.  I think since she’s reading that in class and she sees these kind of eerie similarities, I think it almost pushes her to go further with it because she’s reading the book, but I don’t know that it’s necessarily an update of that story because their stories are so different to me.”

1.) She totally hot – Below is a Gallery of Pictures of Emma Stone. She is worthy of your time just for her gorgeous looks.

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