Some of Our Favorite Sesame Street Pop-Culture References

In honor of Katy Perry’s cleavage not being allowed to be on Sesame Street we would like to share some (definitely not all) of our favorite Sesame Street moments of recent years. Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” Remix for Elmo – Banned from airing on TV, this awesome mix of Katy Perry’s top single shows off a lot of Katy Perry’s top half.

TrueBlood – TrueMud – Sesame Street did a TrueBlood skit about rhyming. Oh the references are amazing!

Mad Men – From the EMC logo at the bottom to fitting the style and tone of Mad Men perfectly this is an amazingly interesting pop culture reference.

John Legend and Hoots – In Honor of John Legend and the Roots (get it?) new CD this classic performance deserves a nod in our list.

Feist sings 1,2,3,4 – The Apple commercial turned Sesame Street, watch and enjoy the happy tunes of Feist mixed with Elmo

Adam Sandler Sings to Elmo – I would be crazy to not end with this classic Sesame Street moment.

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