Interview: Kane Hodder – Hatchet 2 – “Killer of Many”

I got to sit down and talk to Kane Hodder on the phone about Hatchet 2, the sequel (obviously) of what is sure to be a new horror franchise. Kane confirmed three things for me.

1.) There will most definitely be a Hatchet 3.
2.) His autobiography will be out, hopefully, on May 13. A story about how he is the person to have the “most on screen kills” in Hollywood. A book any horror fan should own.
3.) His favorite kill is in Hatchet (listen to find out more…)

Hatchet 2 is sure to be more of the same. More blood, more kills, and more Hatchet’s making the mess. October 1st is a date of cinematic history as well because of Hatchet 2. AMC is releasing Hatchet 2 Unrated in theaters all over the country. Go support the horror genre being released with the full creativity of the director on the screen, not limited by the ratings board. Hatchet 2 Opens nationwide UNRATED in AMC theaters October 1st.

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