Disc of the Week: October 5th

In this weekly feature, I will be taking a look at the new home video releases and telling you which ones you should take a look at and which ones you shouldn’t waste your hard-earned cash on. I’m going to make it easy for you by choosing one (yes, one) movie that’s worthy of being added to your collection as well as one TV series that’s great for all of you television junkies out there. The next section will be filled with a few second choices which also will be worth checking out if you missed them in theaters. At the end will be a list of everything else that either I haven’t seen, or isn’t worth your time. Alright, here we go!

Disc of the Week

Beauty and the Beast

With Beauty and the Beast, the “Disney Renaissance” of the late ’80s/early ’90s hit its peak. The only film until Pixar’s Up to be nominated for Best Picture, the film was critically acclaimed and wildly successful. Even the most anti-musical person must admit that this film is truly incredible. It has such a fantastic mix of comedy, emotion, mystery, and fun. With great characters backed up by good voice-acting as well as beautiful animation, Beauty and the Beast is a must-see. But even if you have seen it, as most people have, why should you spend your hard-earned cash on this release? With Disney’s pretentious “Vault” system, after these discs are done being manufactured, you will only be able to buy the movie second-hand, and for a higher price. This three-disc Diamond Edition comes with the film on Blu-ray as well as DVD along with loads of special features. If you are at all interested in owning this film, now is the time to buy.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features? Completely Restored, Three Versions of the Film, Complete Storyboards, Audio Commentary, Sing-a-Long, Featurettes, Games, DVD Special Features

TV Set of the Week

Monk (Complete Series)

In Monk, the extremely talented Tony Shalhoub created an iconic TV character that an audience can really get behind. The show is a crime procedural, but always with a twist. The obsessive-compulsive, genius detective always puts together the tiniest of details in order to solve the case. Still, the show has an emotional core that makes you really care about the characters. The entire series, Mr. Monk is consumed with finding his wife’s murder, the only case he can’t seem to figure out. Not often comes along a show that is so well-made, interesting, and consistently excellent. If you’re a long time fan of the show, you probably already know about this, but if you’re looking for a good, fun series to get through, definitely check this boxed set out.
Blu-Ray? No Special Features? All eight seasons in a collectible box

Also Worth a Look

The Karate Kid (2010)

When it was announced that The Karate Kid was going to be re-made starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, shouts of heresy arose from the general public regarding their love for the original. Still, a movie can stand for itself. Was the new film an improvement, or at least a new take on the original? In fact it was. This remake brought a fresh take on the familiar story, changing some elements while still retaining the classic underdog story. Of course, the original is still superior but if you’re looking for a upbeat, fun movie where the little man beats the bullies, give this a rent.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features? Alternate Ending, Production Diaries, Chinese Lessons, Making-Of Documentary

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

One great thing about a new format like Blu-ray coming along is all the new transfers of classic films into the new format. It is always great to see a fantastic older movie restored and looking better than ever. What better classic than John Huston’s fable about greed and money’s power to corrupt. Starring Humphrey Bogart, Tim Holt, and the director’s father, Walter Huston, the film is an entertaining western with a very strong message.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features? Commentary, Making-Of Featurette, John Huston Documentary, Radio Adaptation, Clips (Newsreel, Cartoons, Trailer)

The Exorcist

Another classic now coming to Blu-ray disc. If you are a horror junkie, this is a must-own. William Friedkin’s terrifying story of demonic possession and two priests who fight it. Let this movie scare you to death once again in high definition.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features? Original Theatrical Version, Extended Director’s Cut, 3-Part Making-Of Documentary, 1998 Documentary, Three Commentaries, Interview Gallery

The Secret of Kells

This is one case where the Academy got it right. Before this little movie was nominated for Best Animated Feature, no one had heard of it, let alone actually seen it. An Irish production, this marvelous little animated gem mixes Celtic myth with a traditional children’s adventure. And although the story is interesting, the real stand-out here are the magnificent visuals. The traditional animation is a breath of fresh air compared to the rampant CGI today and fills the screen with vibrance and magic that is very rare in any film. If you’re up for something different or your kid wants to see a film this week, definitely check this out, and thank the Academy for finding it.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features?


At first glance, this movie looked like another horror exploitation film that would just end up being just plain terrible. However, a surprise buy at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, this is another smart horror film that is definitely worth a look. Rather than be a stupid, cheap horror flick, director Vincenzo Natali uses the medium of film to reflect on the consequences of playing god. Still, public reaction was very split over the film, so why don’t you find out how you like it.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features? On-Set Featurette

Troll 2

Quite possibly the worst film every made. This low-budget horror picture had everything go wrong. A ludicrous plot, atrocious acting, an Italian-speaking crew (on an English-language picture), and absolutely no trolls! If you enjoy seeing so-bad-they’re-good movies, this is for you. Also, you may want to check it out for context to put the documentary Best Worst Movie, a film made by one of the child actors in the movie, into perspective when it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD next month.
Blu-Ray? Yes Special Features? 20th Anniversary Edition

Everything Else

Movie Blu-Ray?
Agora No
All American Orgy No
All in the Family (Season 7) No
Bad Lieutenant Yes
Baseball: The Tenth Inning Yes
Battle of Britain Yes
The Blair Witch Project Yes
Beauty and the Beast Yes
Blue Mountain State (Season 1) Yes
Bones (Season 5) No
Cake Boss (Season 2) No
Caprica (Season 1) No
Delgo Yes
The Exorcist Yes
The Evil/Twice Dead No
Fingerprints Yes
Grindhouse Yes
Hard Candy Yes
High Tension Yes
Holy Rollers No
The Human Centipede Yes
Humphrey Bogart: The Essential Collection No
The Karate Kid Yes
Last of the Mohicans Yes
Mad Max Yes
The Maltese Falcon Yes
Medium (Season 6) No
The Mission Yes
Monk (Complete Series) No
A Nightmare on Elm Street Yes
Ocean’s 11 (1960) Yes
Open Water/Open Water 2 Yes
Oxford Murders Yes
Peanuts Holiday Collection Yes
Robocop Trilogy Yes
The Secret of Kells Yes
Secretary Yes
Sisters (2006) Yes
The Slumber Party Massacre Collection No
Space Chimps 2 No
Splice Yes
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Yes
Troll 2 Yes
Wonderland Yes
The Year Without a Santa Claus Yes

Because this is a new feature, I am always ready to change to meet the demands of you, the readers. If you disagree with any of my choices or have a suggestion for the future of this article series, please leave a comment below.

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