Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly in Back to the Future

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of the original Back to the Future, Bob Zemeckis and co. have cooked up the perfect hair-brained money making scheme; Finally dust off the old footage of Eric Stoltz playing Marty Mcfly and throw that onto the DVD with a print of a movie so beloved and yet ubiquitous you could have seen it just about anywhere at anytime in the last quarter century.  Will it work?  Sure as shit it will.  I would give Bob my money now if I could (and then secretly take it back, for pain inflicted in watching his dead-eyed animated films from the last decade).

As explained in the video, they shot 5 weeks of footage before replacing Stoltz with Michael J. Fox.  Five weeks.  In this day and age, most movies are shot in that amount of time.  So it’s possible that there is nearly half a movie or more in the can somewhere with em0-Mcfly and his tunic jacket listening to Bauhaus and telling his girlfriend to go fuck herself.

Of course, this was the 80s, when people in Hollywood just laid around and did a lot of cocaine and worked whenever they ran out of blow and hooker money, so it may be more like five or ten minutes of a movie.  Now I understand where they got all the extra Crispin Glover footage to splice into BTF2 without his permission.

Part of me secretly wishes that this was all a big self perpetuating rumor and they secretly hired Eric Stoltz now and digitally inserted him into some unused takes.  That would have the ganas I desire for this stunt, as Jaime Escalante would put it.

The Back to the Future Trilogy: 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray will rape your wallet of all its moneys this October 26th.

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