PFF 2010 Review: Rubber

Why do movies exist?  How are our lives bettered by seeing them? and why does a movie about a tire that goes on a killing spree exist?  No reason.  Welcome Quentin Dupieux’s (aka electronic musician Mr. Oizo) 75 minute rumination on the absurd nature of entertainment.  Yes, the killer tire movie, Rubber.

Simply pigeonholing the film as a Grindhouse style 70s exploitation flick where the hero/heroine has been replaced by a rubber tire is to undersell the concept entirely.  Mr. Dupieux seems intent on playing with the very definitions of what entertainment is/has been/can be.  Yes, there’s a bit of a philosophical underbelly at play here.  Where for years directors like similarly monikered Quentin Tarantino have been lambasted for a lack of substance over style, Dupieux seems content to say that there is only style and substance is entirely objective, undefinable and  meaningless.  You can’t help but anthropomorphize (my favorite big word)  the tire in the same way you’re tricked into crying over a computer generated object in any of Pixar’s entries.  None of it is real and all of it is entirely constructed, and yet we invest ourselves and our emotions and allow ourselves to be manipulated.  Tonally Dupieux’s film is reminiscent to Jim Jarmusch’s The Limits of Control.  What does any of it mean?  Maybe it doesn’t mean anything.  It simply is.  So enter what may be the first manipulation free film.

Should you see Rubber?


Will you like it?

It depends entirely on what you hope to take away from the experience.

Did you like it?

Yes, I did.


No reason.

10 Poisoned Turkeys out of 10

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