Interview: Chris Morris – “Four Lions” – Writer and Director

Who is Chris Morris? – Well, lets just say he isn’t your average filmmaker, even though his story to fame follows the traditional princess fairy tale. Starting his career in radio, he worked his way up to the top where at some point he was offered a job as the boss on the British sitcom “The IT Crowd” Check out the Two Clips Below….

“Are you Sure?” that you want to continue to read this? (Netflix has “The IT Crowd” Streaming for free… (I just lost half of the people reading this…)

So after the US fame of “The IT Crowd” Mr. Morris decided that he would work on his first film. Written and Directed by Chris Moris, “Four Lions” is the story of four stupid-as-shit terrorists that blow up each other, themselves, and at one point, others. This satire rich movie makes “Borat” feel like an Adam Sandler movie in comparison. The comedy is tight, the wit is overwhelming, and the focus is sharp.

I was lucky enough to get a few minutes to talk to Mr. Morris about his film where he immediately made my questions feel as if they were written by a 3rd grader working for his school newspaper. His humor and critique in his films is directly representative of him, himself. He is a brilliant author and he totally made me look like a fucking dumbass. Cheers to you Chris Morris.

“Four Lions” is currently playing at the Ritz Bourse in Philadelphia.

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