Review: The Walking Dead – Episode 3 – “Tell it to the Frogs” (Spoilers Afloat)

The Boondock Saints invade The Walking Dead!

Rick finds his family! Hooray! It felt like it took forever, but that’s probably because I and everyone who read the comics knew he would eventually meet up with them. That itself is the problem with the episode, if not the show. Things need to start finding better pacing all together in this show. It almost feels bipolar, one episode is high energy, running back and forth, the next is all character development. They need to find a balance! I’m happy we get to meet more people at the camp and find out various things about them. A violent, crazy, Norman Reedus and crazy Ed (The wife-beater). I like the hatred in spite of the world ending, but it’s almost too much of a repetitive theme in this show. Everyone in this show is a hateful man. So much anger.

Lori’s fight with Carl is a step in the right direction there. Carl’s love for her and Lori’s dedication to her husband will bite someone in the ass by the end of this season. It’s going to be some big thing or at least reoccurring theme throughout the first season or two. I am hoping that like in Survivors, the British TV Show, these people find other groups to fight so you have both zombies and other people as physical conflicts.

I’m hoping for more. I still love the show, and have more than a lot of respect for it, but I’m hoping that some things get a little bit smoother. (Mad Men took a few episodes to get going, this could easily be the same way)

7.5 Boondock Saints out of 10

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