Interview: Puppini Sisters – Telepathic Vocal Harmony

Kate from the Puppini Sisters was nice enough to answer a few of our dorky Christmas questions about their album “Christmas with the Puppini Sisters.” (which we reviewed here).

Now there are singers… and there are SINGERS. These sisters have created a “telepathic vocal harmony” that can only be described as brilliant. The sound the shoots out from them is purely amazing. It’s a shame so many people listen to Katy Perry’s “Firework” when these are the girls with the REAL talent. I mean… just look at them!

What made you decide to do a Christmas album?
“It seemed to be a bit of a no brainer to be honest! We started the band during the Christmas of 2004. Some of our first gigs were performing for Christmas parties at The Cafe de Paris in Piccadilly where Frank Sinatra and Marlene Dietrich have performed in the past, as well as for Vivienne Westwood Christmas party at The Cafe Royale so we already had quite a few festive songs in our back catalogue. The three of us are such fans of the seasonal classics from this period too, the recordings of The Andrews Sisters and Bing Crosby, we all gather ’round the piano with our respective families on Christmas day and sing them. So really, a Christmas album was the next logical step.”

What are your favorite Christmas songs and artists?
“Look at our track listing!! Those are our favorites, seriously, they’re all on there. ‘Oh Holy Night’, ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’, ‘Let It Snow’. We’ve tackled all our favorites.”

You obviously are all incredibly talented vocally and are always on pitch. Where did you all get your vocal training?
“We’ve all studied classical music from an early age but honed our jazz skills at a conservatoire in London called Trinity College of Music. And then we’ve spent years singing together. It just takes hours. And hours. And hours of singing and being together. Give us 30 years and we’ll have invented telepathic vocal harmony. It’s a long road ahead…”

Do you think that we as a society are forgetting about the genre of music you sisters sing? Example – “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”
“In a way, I suppose we are a society who’s forgetting that genre, but that’s the nature of musical progress. It marches forward. What’s sad is that people are forgetting the standard and work ethic behind that genre of music. You had to practice and practice, work hard, gig hard, not just appear on programmes like The X-Factor where you see people who’ve never trained or gigged in their lives in tears saying that this is their last chance… Just put yourself out there and work!”

Where did you three get interested in your “retro futuristic” aka big band style of music?
“We were all brought up with it. And interested in the fashion of the era too. It just goes hand in hand.”

Do any of you swing dance? Because we feel like swing dancing when i listen to your tracks
“None of us swing dance! Not to my knowledge anyway… It looks magnificent and i’d love to learn. I just wish I didn’t have nine left feet…”

Merry Christmas to all of you! Thanks for talking to us.

Don’t just sit there all googly eyed. Go buy their CD! It’s full of Christmas cheer!

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