Fantastic Re-imagined Video Game Posters

The video game industry has definitely revolutionized itself into something quite amazing. We’ve evolved from 8-bit graphics and midi songs to extraordinary renditions of creative story-lines and full length soundtracks. It’s not much of a surprise that some would consider them to be even movies. I’m sure most of you have seen the Uncharted commercial where the girlfriend gets the bowl of popcorn ready. Now imagine if video games were actually promoted as movies. Curious to see what some sample images look like? Well, look no further and have a peek at some pretty cool art by Ron Guyatt.

Fallout 3:

Fallout 3 introduces as an inhabitant of Vault 101 who searches for his/her father after he mysteriously disappears. The moment we step out into the real world, the game tosses us into the nuclear wasteland remains of Washington D.C. This poster really catches that initial impression of what to expect after our eyes adjust. The colors match well with the tone of the game and offers subtle hints of what we’ll encounter throughout gameplay. I appreciate this because nothing is worse than a spoiler without an alert. The text is simple although I could do without “war never changes”. And just a P.S. – If you’ve never heard the soundtrack to Fallout 3, I suggest you do yourself a favor and check it out.


I really must offer an extended appreciation on this poster. The minimal look works so well for the title because that’s what Tetris is. The dark background and the depth of field given with the blocks is quite tasteful. The words are a bit overbearing but it also gives the feel of a poster for a movie that’s won a lot of awards. This kind of works in favor for it since Tetris is a recognized classic. I’m not a fan of the slight change in font for the actual ‘Tetris’ word. I know what it is because I’ve played it, but it could cause some confusion for those who haven’t.


What’s really swell about this poster is that I can imagine it as actually being part of the game. The arrangement of the poster also ties in well. Immediately my eyes were drawn to the Big Daddy and Little Sister who are extremely important characters in the game. The top visually explains the beginning of the game and then delves into the underwater atmosphere. The lightning underwater indicates that your trip to Rapture will definitely not be the most pleasant. The balance of text and animation is satisfactory along with the color palette. I’m still on the fence for the font for BioShock. I’d like something a bit more classy, but it doesn’t completely irk me. Overall, this one is my favorite.

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