Evan Glodell – The Next Great American Filmmaker – Creator of “Bellflower”

Evan Glodell is the new face of independent cinema. Not only is he a pyromaniac who can build a flamethrower that would lay waste to Michael Bay’s ego, he is also a brilliant engineer.

From a young age Evan was blowing shit up. He built his first flamethrower before he hit puberty and spent most of that childhood obsessed with the classic Mad Max, one of the many inspirations of Bellflower. The film is said to be a mix of 500 Days of Summer and Mad Max. Ironically when we talked to Evan he had just watched 500 Days the week before saying, “I can see why they are comparing us to that.”

Out of all the filmmakers I’ve ever talked to Evan is the most modest. For being the writer, director, star, producer, and creator of Bellflower (Evan said he would like to not have to act in his next project) Evan came off as someone who was incredibly passionate, without seeming one bit egotistic, especially when talking about his own project. When asked how he handled the stress of being in all those roles he explained to me the scope of the project; How from the budget of literally nothing, he hopped from couch to couch of whoever would take him in, working his ass off to finish the film. From the start, creating shorts, Grindhouse trailers, etc he came up with the idea for Bellflower. His actor turned best friend Tyler Dawson helped him develop the idea during these shorts and kept hope alive during the years they fought through life. When the time was right Evan took leave from his job and spent all his time working on making Bellflower a reality.

The film itself is a mixture of love and madness which is by far it’s greatest quality. It mixes feelings of love with a brilliant and unique visual style, achieving a sense of surrealism on film. It’s fucking breathtaking. The film was shot on custom rigs built by Evan and his team. They used both portable rigs and stationary ones that eventually plugged into a Macbook Pro to record the final product. The result is something that is unlike any other digital video camera out there. Evan told us that there was a big challenge using the si-2k Coatwolf camera.

He said the cords were “constantly breaking” or coming out when people tripped over them. He said though that the result was worth all the struggle. Comparatively, he said, he had more trouble eating the crickets for real for the film than he ever had with the rig.

Bellflower is a film that is from start to finish is a gritty tale of love and life. Woodrow’s (Evan’s character) love for Courtney (Rebekah Brandes) feels like a real connection. The lines come out in an awkward, strange way that does not imitate it’s Hollywood film brethren. It is instead more of a documentary in how raw it feels. When asked about the separation between life and fantasy he said, “I could go into it, but that would just ruin it you know?”

The words of the next great American filmmaker.

Bellflower opens in New York and LA August 5th. It opens in Philly in September 19th at the Ritz Bourse. Stay tuned to The Dork for more exclusive coverage on Bellflower.

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