Reaction: Skyfall Trailer

James Bond has never looked more out of character in the newly released trailer for Sam Mendes’ directed Skyfall, and it looks awesome. Instead of seeing a suave, gun-toting, martini-drinking British playboy, this new trailer opens on an interrogation of 007 by an unknown government official, with M behind one-way glass. Listening to a series of word associations, it’s clear that this is a psychological evaluation of Mr. Bond. We hear: “Country?” “England.” “Gun?” “Shot.” Etc, until we hear the word: “Skyfall?” Bond doesn’t answer. “Skyfall?” After a brief pause and a familiar icy stare by Daniel Craig, he answers, “Done.”

Already, we know that this is not going to be an ordinary Bond flick that we’re so used to seeing. Sure, there are various shots of exotic places that 007 gets to travel regularly, a glimpse of one of the Bond girls, played by Naomi Harris, first seen as the bad-toothed voodoo lady from the Pirates franchise, and a few shots of Bond using his favorite Walther PP7. But as the trailer progresses, things quickly start looking unfamiliar. There’s a row of caskets blanketed by the Union Jack, a train crashing through a subway station, and a building engulfed in flames as a shadowy figure, that we can only assume is our new Bond villain played by Javier Bardem, marches towards the camera.

The only thing this trailer doesn’t convince of is that this is a typical Bond movie. Even the revamped Casino Royale had a Bond flavor when the trailers first came out. This feels like some insane hybrid of 007, Die Hard, and The Dark Knight, and it’s never looked more awesome. For a trailer that barely reaches two minutes, it says so much about what’s to come in this latest 007 installment, and yet leaves everything to the imagination. What the hell will Bond do next?

The trailer for Skyfall is embedded below. It hits theaters October 24th.


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