TV News: All Hail King Walter

Less than fifteen seconds of new footage. Only twelve words of spoken dialog. One grandiose, ominous poster. These are the few glimpses we’ve received into Breaking Bad’s upcoming 5th & penultimate season on AMC. Be warned, the rest of the article contains Breaking Bad spoilers.

Now that Walter White has come out on top of the 13-episode chess match that was season four of the Vince Gilligan-created meth dark comedy, Bryan Cranston’s anti-hero is free to become his region’s kingpin in Walt’s ever-expanding power grab. He’s used the slimy Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) to manipulate Gus, and even his partner Jesse, and put Saul in far greater danger than the lawyer had ever hoped for.


The teaser, included below, begins with an agitated Saul Goodman pronouncing the end of his involvement with Walt’s drug game. “You and me, we’re done!” he says, throwing an arm to the side. But Walt, cool and calm as he’s become when he puts on his Heisenberg persona, rises from his chair and above the desk-level camera.

Walter stands imposingly close to Saul in the next shot, and without raising his voice demands that Saul stay a part of the operation. “We’re done… when I say we’re done.”

Just as its new poster indicates, there’s a new meth kingpin in Albuquerque now that Gus has been sent to an explosive grave. Walt stands at the precipice of an empire, and where he goes from here could indicate the final step in his transformation from Mr. Chips to Scarface.

Will Walt continue his murderous streak? Is Saul going to become Breaking Bad‘s Big Bad in the 5th season, thanks to his intimate knowledge of Walt’s illegal activity? Should we worry about the notable absence of Aaron Paul’s Jesse, Anna Gunn’s Skylar, or any of the other loveable members of the ensemble cast?  New episodes of Breaking Bad premiere on July 15th!

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