Walking Dead Season 3 Preview: Does Daryl Become A Zombie?

On Sunday night during the series premiere of Small Town Security, AMC premiered an exclusive four-minute preview of their hit series, The Walking Dead, and the general consensus seems to be that both fans of the show and fans of the comic series are excited about the direction the story is going. I was happy to see the trailer start off with some brutal zombie-slaying action thanks to the brand new character, Michonne, who we got to see a shadowy figure of at the end of season two. I also thought it was great to see Rick’s grim, survival of the fittest attitude staying as strong as the harrowing speech he gave the group last season after the memorable zombie take off of Hershel’s farm.

However, the one thing that threw me off with the trailer was a one-second shot at 3:28 of a viciously growling zombie that to my suspicion looks a lot like fan-favorite Daryl Dixon. Now don’t get me wrong—I don’t think the producers are dumb enough to give away something as major as a main character’s death in a four-minute preview, but it would be an unbelievable shocker for season three. If you look at the zombie’s hair and clothes, you can see a slight resemblance to our favorite hillbilly badass. Also, it looks like T-Dawg is actually holding the zombie back, which is odd considering the humans have kept a far distance in most of the previous zombie encounters. I know what you’re thinking at this point, and maybe I’m reaching too far into this, but the one thing that convinced me that this particular zombie could be Daryl is that you can briefly see what looks like a bite on the left side of his neck.

If it’s not Daryl, I’m thinking it’s going to be a character that we get to know and at least like. With the way that Dale and Shane were killed so quickly and shockingly last season, I would be surprised if the writers didn’t have more of that in the upcoming season.

What did you think of the trailer? Are you excited for the highly awaited return of Merle? Do you think this zombie will be a fan-favorite or turn out to be just another random walker?

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5 Responses to “Walking Dead Season 3 Preview: Does Daryl Become A Zombie?”
  1. Kristan says:

    Definitely looks like him!! Eyes, eyebrows, hair, nose . . . all look identical to Daryl’s. The two things that make me think that it’s not Daryl though are that this zombie doesn’t have any facial hair (Daryl has a goatee) and his jacket looks like it’s the same style and colour that the inmates are wearing. Guess we just have to wait and find out . . .

  2. jojosmiles49 says:

    It’s not Daryl that zombie is on episode 2 when the prisoners start shanking the zombies and not taking the boys advice about head shoes and it’s not tdawg holding it back the zombie it’s one of the black prisoners… so no Darryl does not become a zombie well as far as I know but that’s not a zombie Daryl in the at least:) I was relieved!!!

  3. vicki says:

    omg i thought i was the only person who noticed how closely he resembled daryl too………..i’m so scared i hope it’s not him he’s my favorite too i was devestated when they killed dale

  4. Ben says:

    In fact darkly doesn’t die, the guy you’ve seen from the trailer was one of the prison walkers, if you noticed darly has a goatee, and the zombie doesn’t have any facial hair what so ever. So I don’t think darly dies in season 3.

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