PTA Surprises with Screening of The Master

Zachary Shevich

Avid moviegoers simply hoping to see an American Cinematheque screening of Stanley Kubrik’s The Shining got a special surprise when, after the movie, director Paul Thomas Anderson held an unannounced public screening of his upcoming film. The Master was shown in glorious 70mm (Anderson’s format-of-choice) with film fans and bloggers scrambling to get a handle of what was happening.

Reactions on Twitter ranged from praise to raves, and many even commented that the film is amazing and bound for Oscars. The screening came as a large surprise, after weeks of rumors as to where the film would make its premiere. Many expected the film to debut at Fantastic Fest, where Anderson first debuted his last movie There Will be Blood, although since then it had been confirmed for the Venice Film Festival, followed shortly thereafter by the Toronto Film Festival.

This is the latest in a series of good news for PTA fans eager to get a glimpse of what looks like the latest masterpiece from the 42-year-old auteur. Nearly a week ago, it was announced that The Master’s release date was bumped up to September 14th (with an expansion date on September 21st), swapping places on the release calendar with another Weinstein Company movie, Killing Them Softly, which will now come out on October 19th.

The Master’s buzz has been steadily climbing since the release of its first trailers. The first two teasers provided glimpses into the film’s story, as well as the Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead and the score for There Will be Blood) soundtrack. The most recent trailer, included below, is the full theatrical trailer, which gives a much creepier and more extended look into the world of the cult created by Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character, and how he traps Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams in his trap. Loosely based off of Scientology’s origins, The Master is sure to remain in the conversation as people begin discussing the best films of 2012.

 Excited to get The Master earlier than expected? Disappointed that it’ll take that much longer to see Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly? Or are you just waiting on the next Marvel movie? Let us know how you feel in the Comments section below!! 

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