Trailer Tuesday: August 14th

Trailer Tuesday is a column in which Cinedork’s staff of writers guides you through the ABCs of new trailers, taking a look at what’s awesome, what’s bizarre, and what’s cringe-worthy about upcoming movies. Adding some of our own insights, we assess what to expect. This week, Chikira, Lauren and Nick break down an awesome, bizarre, and cringe-worthy slew of new movies about turning 40, haunted blondes, and unstable relationships.

DISCLAIMER: Trailer Tuesday writers have NOT seen the films, and are simply basing their opinions off of the movie trailers, casting rumors and internet chatter — these are NOT substitutes for our actual film reviews.

Lauren Clay

I’ve been excited for This is 40 since I first heard about the project. Seeing the trailer has only added to my anticipation. It opens with Paul Rudd’s Pete contemplating life without his current wife, and potential bliss with a wife number two. Rudd is one of the few actors that can pull off dialogue like this without seeming morbid (and without looking like an asshole), so kudos to Judd Apatow for playing on his strengths. Leslie Mann’s way of interrogating people is back in full force—she tiptoes the line between nutcase and humorous, but she does it well.

One thing I love about this couple is how they balance each other out: one is a little maniacal and on-edge, and the other is goofy and laid-back, but it works. Maude and Iris Apatow added some great one-liners to Knocked Up, and now that they’re both a little older, I’m hoping their dad throws them more screen time. I’m excited to see Rudd and Mann dealing with the teenage-daughter dynamic (or should I say Mann dealing with it—anyone else notice Rudd casually slipping out the room as soon as he heard his teen open her mouth? Classic dad move). One downside (in my opinion) is Megan Fox, but here’s to hoping that her role in the film is as limited as her appearance in the trailer. And finally, it wouldn’t be the (sort of) sequel to Knocked Up without Paul Rudd ingesting some type of drug—and if it’s half as good as him and Seth Rogen shrooming in Vegas, then I look forward to the new drug-fueled scene (and based on Pete thinking his wife is a rodent while walking around with a starfish in his tighty whities, it will be). Add in Melissa McCarthy, Jason Segal, John Lithgow and Albert Brooks, and I’m even more excited for December 21st. Awesome.

Chikira K. Bennett

Audiences better prepare for yet another from installment in the Paranormal Activity saga. Just when you thought it was over, here comes Paranormal Activity 4. In the most recent trailer viewers are greeted with a rundown of some of the more famous and favored moments of the past three films that led to the birth and capture of the infant child we all know as Hunter. Now that the audience is caught up in the chronological order of events, the series can move on from Katie and her haunted family.

We open onto the frame of a blonde, young girl looking into a camera. The following sequences look familiar, with the silent, empty home at night and a random light, eerily flickering into existence. There are the unassuming individuals (this young girl and her mother, with the camera operator still a mystery) plagued by strange occurrences in their home. This must all be due to the new neighbor, but does this trailer bring anything new to the viewers for the exception of a new face? Hunter is back with his demonic guardian in tow as the last thirty seconds of this trailer quickly slips into panic as lights are thrown off and a bad Internet connection stops the young girl mid sentence. It appears that suspense and screams aided by shaky, hand-held camera operation is arriving this fall, right on time for the month of October. Aren’t these trailers always Bizarre.

Nick Popyack

This is obligatory for me to say, simply because I am this kind of person: Every single character in this trailer walks.

… Get it?

Cause the movie’s called Nobody Walks… Do you get it or not?

Ok, let’s get serious. Nobody Walks is director Ry Russo-Young’s fourth film, third full-length feature. She’s done independent work so far, and most of her films have had some critical acclaim. So when the trailer screams at you at how acclaimed she is, and yet you don’t know who the hell she is, don’t worry — it’s because she’s only won awards at film festivals so far. What I can gather from the trailer is there is a love rhombus-shaped-thing going on between a man (John Krasinski), his wife (Rosemarie DeWitt), his wife’s friend (Olivia Thirlby) and his wife’s patient (Justin Kirk). Things look like they are going to spin completely out of control and will inevitably end in heartbreak, but will this be a movie that’s worth your time? I mean, it’s not like this premise hasn’t been shown before, and the film is only 83 minutes long… The only way I think this movie will do well will be if Russo-Young can make you care about the characters enough; however, I get the sense that there is a great chemistry between Krasinski and Thirlby, which makes me excited to see this October 12th limited release. Awesome.


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