Mad Men’s Big Ol’ Emmy Snub

Chris Blondell

Mad Men set an Emmy record when it was nominated for 17 Emmys. It set another one when it didn’t win a single one of those Emmys. Was critically acclaimed, superbly acted, multiple Emmy winning show Mad Men snubbed after receiving none of its 17 Emmy nominations? Many would say yes. But in actuality, what else does Mad Men have to prove?

This past season of Mad Men was its most different and most intense season. The show has evolved tremendously not only in storytelling but in terms of its production. The writing has gotten stronger and subtler, the actors are far more comfortable with their characters, and the set/costume design has remained visually stunning.

So why does Mad Men need any more awards? To be fair, none of Mad Men’s actors have won an Emmy for their performances (especially a tragedy when concerning the show’s stars Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm) and with 17 nominations, you’d expect a hit show like Mad Men to at least snag a couple awards.

But perhaps audiences are not as stunned by Mad Men as they were previously. For the first time since it premiered, Mad Men lost Best Drama Series (with Showtime’s Homeland taking home top honors). Shocking? No. Homeland is a very well done show and deserves to be in the limelight. Mad Men doesn’t need to keep winning the best show award. It’s like Bryan Cranston winning three Emmys in a row for his performance as Walter White in Breaking Bad. We all know he’s great in his role, so why keep awarding him? The same might be true for Mad Men. We all know you’re great, keep being great, but this is not your year.

So can you call 0 of 17 Emmys a snub? Doubtful. Disappointing? Yes. Surprising? Yes. But a deliberate slap in the face? Absolutely not. People forget that being nominated for an award is an honor in and of itself. And receiving 17 nominations is still a sign of awesomeness. It’s a bummer that Mad Men wasn’t able to receive any, especially for the writing this past season, but with Matthew Weiner & Co. signed on for two more seasons of the show, they will surely have another year.


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