It’s Always Sunny on Halloween

Michaela Murray

Well, it’s that time of year again. Cue the scary masks, candy, and crying children dressed like Elmo because October is upon us and that means one thing: Halloween specials! Every year some shows decide to be festive and get a little bit creepier for Halloween, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is no exception.

When  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia did its first Halloween special in season six’s “Who Got Dee Pregnant,” wherein the gang went through their own drunken versions of what happened Halloween night while trying to figure out who was responsible for Dee’s pregnancy.  The end result was an hilarious episode that introduced classic Sunnytrademarks such as Frank’s  manspider costume and Dee’s devolution into a bird.

This time around, Sunny’s Halloween special was a little more surreal. It followed the formula of something weird happens that can only be explained by the supernatural and then coincidentally it turns out to be nothing paranormal after all, and everything can be explained by something reasonable. Except, in true Sunny fashion, the explanation was anything but reasonable.

Catherine Reitman makes an "enhanced" return to It's Always Sunny as Maureen Ponderosa

This Halloween’s special focuses on the wedding of Dennis’s  ex-wife Maureen Ponderosa to the incestuous and generally icky Liam McPoyle. The episode starts out with strobe lights and Blair Witch Project-esque shots of Dennis, Frank, Mac and Charlie running scared through the woods.

They then arrive at a police station, from where the rest of their story is told retrospectively. Here, we learn that half of the wedding guests are injured and the bride is missing. Through the rest of the episode the gang tells their version of what happened and naturally it involves Zombies.

After arriving at the wedding with the intention to get Maureen to sign papers releasing Dennis from his legal obligation to pay alimony, Dennis is distracted by Maureen’s new physical, um… enhancements? Meanwhile Dee and Frank try and focus on breaking up the wedding because they like the financial advantage Maureen has over Dennis.

Everything goes more or less according to their strange plan until the inherently creepy McPoyle clan starts to get a little creepier and a lot more zombified.  As the gang tries to balance their own selfish endeavors with trying to figure out what exactly is going on it gets pretty crazy. In the end, we find out that all the strange behavior at the wedding was caused by Maureen’s brother Bill spiking the communal milk with bath salts, after being advised Frank, who is undoubtedly the worst AA sponsor ever. While this episode is pretty unique it doesn’t quite standup to their other Halloween episode. That said, it’s still a pretty entertaining episode if you can stomach all the unibrows, milk, and sweat that accompanies the McPoyle family.

On the Infamous Film Majors 5-star scale, “The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre” gets 3 Sweaty McPoyles out of 5.


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