The “Queen of Hearts” Arrives! (Once Upon a Time)

Beth Bender

In the last episode of Once Upon a Time before its winter break, fans were left on the edge of their seats.

The episode “Queen of Hearts” opens with a flashback scene in which we see Captain Hook breaking into Regina’s castle in the FairyTale world, and his attempt to learn from the imprisoned Belle a way to kill Rumplestiltskin.  The following conversation between Regina and Hook is another instance of the type of scheming and planning that has been prevalent throughout the season so far, leaving audiences to wonder who works for who and why.

The same can be said for Regina and Mr.Gold working together in Storybrooke to close the portal to prevent Cora from coming to their world.  Mr. Gold suggests leaving Emma and Snow trapped in the FairyTale world, as it would be a way for Regina to remove Emma from the picture in terms of affection for Henry.

One of the large developments, in terms of the show’s universe, is Cora’s role in Wonderland as the Queen of Hearts.  For fans that have paid attention to the show’s details, it was easy to guess that Cora would be the Queen.  In the second episode of the current season, “We Are Both”, Regina pushes her mother through a looking glass to another world, a clear reference to the use of looking glasses in Wonderland.

The episode title was also known a couple of weeks before the episode’s premiere, leaving the audience time to reason out who would be the Queen of Hearts.

While there weren’t many surprises in this episode, the tone of the episode kept the audience on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what would be the cliffhanger.  The chemistry between the actors was brilliant, as seen in the scenes between Emma and Snow and the scenes between Regina and Mr. Gold.  The scene with Regina with her “deceased” mother also works as a brilliant contrast to the difference between her relationship with her mother and the relationship shared between Emma and Snow. We also learn how the one corner of the FairyTale world was protected from Regina’s curse, and learn of Emma’s innate magical powers.

While the audience was left with what they thought was a happy ending, the last moments of the episode show Cora and Hook literally “sailing” in to Storybrooke for what will be an exciting second half of the season!  While not much is known about the future episodes, the preview for the rest of the season shows Regina continuing to fight for Henry and Mr. Gold’s continued search for his son, two plot points that have yet to be solved and that have left audiences waiting anxiously for the sixth of January to arrive and bring back the rest of the season!


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