Contest: The Last Stand – Screening Passes

Arnold is back! With Johnny Knoxville….. So he’s kinda back… but not Terminator “I’ll be back” back. We at the Dork have early screening passes for those of you who want to see things blow up and then have cliché but hilarious one-liners afterwards.

Where: Philadelphia – Ritz Five
When: January 16th

All you have to do is email “” with the subject “I’ll be back” with your Name and Address and BAM! You’re entered in to win.

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2 Responses to “Contest: The Last Stand – Screening Passes”
  1. George Yocom says:

    I love Arnold and all his movies and i can’t wait to see The Last Stand

  2. Zahir Mu says:

    Arnold is up to his old tricks again!!

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