Supernatural: Remember The Titans (Re-View-Cap)

Chris Cerrone

The run of the mill investigation of the usual stiff wildly changes course when the dead man wakes up to meet Sam and Dean. After ensuring that this stranger isn’t one of the usual baddies, the mystery man explains that this isn’t the first time he has died. In fact, for as long as he can remember, he has died at least once every single day. Perplexed by this odd curse, Sam and Dean begin to investigate, only to be interrupted by the man’s death. The next day a woman and a child show up inquiring for the man, as the young boy is his son, and is also afflicted with this curse.

Sam discovers the true identity of the stranger to be Prometheus, of ancient Greece. Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus in order to save mankind; however, he was punished by Zeus with a curse. He will die every day, only to awake the next day, and repeat the process. Now, with his son also experiencing these death spells, Prometheus asks for Sam and Dean’s assistance in destroying Zeus, and removing the curse.

This episode was enjoyable enough, although the mere shrugging off of killing a god such as Zeus somewhat diminished its quality. Zeus would be far from the average demon or vampire, yet he is treated like any other monster in the series. It would have been nice for the brothers to have had a slightly more difficult time destroying the king of Mount Olympus, or, at least, it would have seemed more believable.



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