The Queen Is Dead: Once Upon A Time (Recap)

Beth Bender

Last week, ABC treated viewers the Oscars, which meant no new Once Upon a Time, but the show returned this week with its fifteenth episode, titled “The Queen Is Dead”. In it, the audience finally learns how Snow White’s mother died.  Shown in the events that occurred in the past in the FairyTale world, we really get an understanding of just how extensive Cora’s planning and manipulation really is, and a sense that she’s willing to do anything in order to get what she wants.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the backstory also illustrates how Snow White has always had a pure heart, even from a young age. Though she was a bit caddy at the beginning of the episode, she really showed her stuff when she refused to kill someone to save her mother (if you recognize the young Snow, that was Bailee Madison, who played May Belle Aarons in Disney’s Bridge to Terabithia).

In the present day, the episode focuses on both the aftermath of the family secrets learned in the last episode as well as the hunt to find Rumpelstiltskin’s knife. In NYC, we get to see a side of Henry that we’ve never really seen before: spite and anger. Hurt by the fact that Emma lied to him about his father, Henry turns to Baelfire and really begins to bond with him.

Dealing with the aftermath of the “family reunion”, Emma and Rumpelstiltskin also seem to grow closer, empathizing with one another. Things take a turn for the worse when Hook shows up in NYC and poisons Rumpelstiltskin (per usual, there is no cure).

Back in Storybrooke, David and Snow work together to track down Rumpel’s dagger in order to keep it away from Cora and Regina. In a dramatic showdown, Cora gains possession of the dagger and kills Johanna (who saw this coming?!), leaving Snow emotionally broken. And on her birthday too!

With all of the family relationships playing out, this episode tightens the drama between the families, and creates another step towards what is sure to be an inevitable explosion of emotions and actions. With seven episodes left this season, it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens each week.

In the trailer for next week’s episode, Snow White looks to be out for revenge, leaving behind justice in favor for finding her happy ending, no matter what it takes. A showdown between good and evil is bound to occur, and it’s even hinted that another character will meet their end.

Additionally, this week’s really feeds evidence to the theory that Baelfire could be Peter Pan, so keep an eye out for that possible character!


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