The Master’s 20 Minute Deleted Scenes Reel on YouTube

Zachary Shevich

Released way back in September, The Master is the most recent film from auteur Paul Thomas Anderson, an unexpectedly complex character study that shared some noticeable resemblance to L. Ron Hubbard and the story of Scientology. For a short time, it seemed like a frontrunner for the 2013 Oscars, but as more audiences got an opportunity to see the film, expectations proved to be greater than the film’s merits and it got buried amongst the Argos and Lincolns of the year, ultimately racking in three acting Academy Awards nominations and nothing else despite being shot beautifully on 70mm film.

Although The Master’s hype problem contributed to its failure to meet expectations, another notable way the film didn’t deliver is in the extensive amount of footage in the trailer that ultimately was never in the movie. Images like those of men jumping off of Navy boast and various shots of Joaquin Phoenix mugging seemed intriguing but were never shown in The Master’s nearly two and a half hour cut. However, many of these scenes were shown in a 20 minute reel that director Paul Thomas Anderson brought to an event at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It was revealed that the 20 minute reel would appear on The Master’s DVD, but since then the collection of deleted footage has found its way onto YouTube (and thanks to The Playlist for the head’s up).

The reel plays out far more interestingly than a normal collection of deleted scenes footage, as it’s been edited together seamlessly with music and transitions from scene to scene. It’d be hard to place many of these scenes within the timeline of Paul Thomas Anderson’s film, but that doesn’t keep this collection of scenes from existing as a compelling selection of material. It’s even spoiler-free for those that have the misfortune of not yet having seen the movie. Check it out below:

Around 18:40 the reel becomes what’s likely the closest we’ll get to a blooper reel from the film, but offers a great, rare, candid glimpse at watching these masters (pun not intended) at work.


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