5 Reasons To Watch “Vikings”


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1. “Game of Thrones” But Not

Even if the premier of season three is at the end of the month, Vikings has a similar vibe. Ancient politics, codes of honor, and a man who pushes the boundaries of his established ruler. While it may be a substitute for many, the show makes great strides to differentiate itself in creating a barbaric feel. It also focuses on a single character, making it a more personal story of success, triumph, and plunder.

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2. Viking Logic

It is common knowledge that the Vikings made their living by pillaging, killing and raping, but it takes real brains to annually raid the same poor villages. Then there is the example of finding a new land. The instinct is to kill everyone in sight. The show is interesting in the sense that the audience gets a view into the social structure of Viking life. A focus on making it to Valhalla, the laws, and finally the punishment that all Vikings accept as normal, but to everyone else seem like well… Viking logic.


3. Strong female characters and the kids aren’t little shits

So far there have only been two established female characters, the Baron’s wife and the protagonist’s wife. The Baron’s wife acts as advisor as well as co-conspirator. The protagonist’s wife fights off two potential rapists when her husband and son leave for a couple of days and has been hailed by other males as a “shield maiden”. These are women you don’t want to mess with. And the few kids although compliant, will get between parental arguments and ask the right questions. The son is the audience and asks the question “why is it like this?” even if the obvious answer is “because it always has been.” He also reacts in a way someone new to the universe would realistically react. When the two main characters that we have grown fond of fight, the kid breaks it up. When people there is a public execution he is a bit disgusted. This kid is the most relatable character in the show and he isn’t 16 yet! Take some notes Carl.



Vikings is filled with bits and pieces of Viking culture that range from interesting stories to religious philosophies. For example, a sane human being would take a storm during a long distance sea voyage to be a bad thing, while the Vikings character Floki proudly declares that, “Thor doesn’t hate my boat, THOR LOVES MY BOAT”. For what Vikings lacks in quick witted dialogue, it makes up for in the moments of viking mythos. A story about the legendary battle between Thor and Jörmungand the sea serpent creates memorable moments that stick in your mind and make you feel cultured. It’s wonderful to hear the stories that flesh out our understand of the Norse gods. Everyone knows Odin, Thor, and Loki, but few know the stories that have been told and retold a thousand times that highlight their lives. Enough with the Greeks taking up the spotlight, it’s time for the Norse Gods to shine!


5. Historical accuracy

This is what separates Vikings from some other fantasy television shows. There are visuals of ghosts leaving the fallen, but they are more to illustrate the belief system. Historical science is also taken into account, with scenes that are devoted to an in-depth and surprisingly accurate description of advanced boat building. The main character Ragnar Lodbrok is an actual historical figure who was the bane of France and England for many years.


Three episodes have aired so far.

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