Seven Characters We Want Back on Doctor Who’s 50th & More

Matt Hepworth

With November 23rd drawing ever closer by the day, discussions are spreading far and wide about who should/is going to be returning to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor who.  There have been some definite confirmations of who is coming back for this celebration, so if you care to know read on until the end, if not, stop.



#1. Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman)

Good ol’ Captain Jack, there is honestly no other man like him in the whole universe.  He’s such a fan favorite he managed to get his own spin-off, Torchwood.  Honestly I feel it would be incredibly easy to incorporate his return. The last time the Doctor saw Jack, he left him the name of Alonso thus allowing him to flirt.  It is highly speculated that he became the Face of Boe who, as we know, died in the year 5 million.  Assuming that this is canon, that means there’s quite a large time gap in where he is still Jack, so it could work.  Sadly though he has stated he will not be returning, so we can go back to sulking.

#2. Donna Noble (Catherine Tate)

Donna’s story was…rather tragic in the end.  She saved the universe, helped Rose live happily ever after, but had to have all memories related to the Doctor erased.  She was a good companion for the Doctor and was rarely the damsel in distress, but she wasn’t quite on the independent level of Martha.  I always felt like she still has so much more potential to make a return. Maybe if the Doctor restores her memories, or she makes an appearance and the Doctor quickly has to hide who he is with her involvement being much like it was in “End of Time” in the sense that she was somewhat important, but not vital.  There has been no word on her appearance thus far.

#3. Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman)

In my opinion, she was one of the better companions that the Doctor ever had.  As much as I loved Rose, I don’t feel that she could have done what Martha had to do to stop the Master.  Last we left her she was working for UNIT with Micky (Who might I mention could be due for a return as well, he finished his business in the parallel universe and would be nicely set up for a return given the information we now have), and she is just left at that.  We’ve been seeing UNIT a lot lately in “The Power of Three” and now “Bells of St. John” which brings the question, where is Martha?  It feels rather easy to have her make a cameo appearance or a major role, but so far there has been no word of confirmation from her.

#4. The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

This man has been typecast as the Doctor since the 70’s. He held the role for the longest period of time (seven years) and was arguably one of the most successful. He said he heavily regretted not appearing in “The Five Doctors” and it seems like returning for the anniversary would be the smartest thing to do.  How he could be incorporated…well timey wimey stuff.  They made it work for The Children in Need special with Tennant and Davison, I’m sure they could work something out.  He is the oldest surviving Doctor so far, so it would be interesting to see his interactions with Smith.

#5. All of the Doctors

Every cross-doctor episode was a massive success.  I imagine it’s very challenging to write, but seeing how he has changed across generations could lead to some interesting back story.  Plus there’s so much insight we could be given, such as what happened that changed him so much during the Time War, seeing how his adventures have shaped him and molded him into the man he is.  Sadly these previous Doctors are getting old, so this would be one of their last chances to have every Doctor together.   Alas, there has been no word of confirmation thus far from BBC and all of the classic Doctors have said that they have received no word either. Eccleston said he was invited back but he decided to decline the role.


#6.  The Master (John Simm)

The Master is an interesting character, as he is both the Doctor’s closests friends, yet one of his worst nemesis’.   They are the true last of the Time Lords, and had the Master not chosen death in “The Last of the Time Lords”, he’d have been fully prepared to spend the rest of his days looking after the Master.  In “End of Time” the Master became the hero who saved the day. His whereabouts are completely unknown so far, so it is totally possible to write him in. Again no word of confirmation from him so far.

#7. Susan (Carole Ann Ford)

Susan, the Doctor’s Granddaughter and the first companion.  She was the first person to travel with the Doctor and one of the first to go.  The Doctor wanted her to have a better life, that it was time for her to settle down and that one day he would be back for her.  It’s been well over fifty years, and Carole is still alive now.  It would be such an emotional scene just to see them together, one last time.  At least to let the Doctor know that his beliefs in her were correct all those years ago.  To be fair, her fate isn’t 100% known yet in canon.  It’s entirely possible she died in the Great Time War, thus completely nullifying this possibility.  Still, it’d be an interesting question to know her fate by at least acknowledging her existence.

Honorable Mentions:

Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen)

No companion has seen more incarnations of the Doctor then she has.  In the entirety of Doctor Who, she has met a total of nine different Doctors.  Counting the show itself/movies/spinoffs, she has met the first through seventh doctors, ten and eleven.  She was the perfect companion, and it was great seeing her have an important role with the tenth Doctor, showing that she had moved on, but was still vital in saving the universe one last time.  She too got her own spin-off show, The Sarah Jane Adventures, that was tragically cut short due to her death in April of 2011.  May she rest in peace.

Amy/Rory (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill)

Oh the Ponds, their disappearance was quite tragic in the end. They were family to the Doctor, yet were taken away from him. It impacted him so much that he stopped adventuring until Clara came along.  The only reason I would not include them on this list is because it is far too soon to see them again.  Maybe in a few years with a new Doctor they could make a return, but right now is just too soon.


Now that that’s out of the way, time for the news.  There have been two definite confirmations for who will be returning

David Tennant, and Billie Piper will be returning as the Tenth Doctor and Rose

This is great honestly. It’s been a few years since they’ve been on screen.  As for how exactly Moffat plans to explain how they got there, there are a few ways that it could turn out.  Seeing as the Doctor cannot go to any point in his past timeline, that rules out the easy answer that it just happened. So that leaves two options, either wibbly wobbly stuff (something Moffat will come up with and surprise us), or it could have to do with the alternate universe.  At the end of “Journey’s End”, The Doctor left Rose with her mother, father, and his alternate self (The one Donna created with his chopped off hand).  It’s entirely possible that this is the human version of the Doctor then, it’s still unknown.

While Eccleston was a great Doctor who did what he needed to do to get the series back on track as the ninth Doctor, I always felt the tenth and eleventh were the best; they were fun, they were adventurous, and their stories always worked so perfectly thanks to the interactions with their companions.

Also starring in this episode will be John Hurt and Joanna Page as guests more likely than not.  Their exact roles aren’t confirmed. We know next to nothing about this episode, but so far with this cast things are surely shaping up!


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