5 Game of Thrones Characters You Hate, but Should Love

5. Stannis Baratheon

There is not much love for Stannis Baratheon in Westeros or in the Game of Thrones Community. However, when viewed objectively, Stannis is really just a continuation of Ned Stark’s Legacy. Ned wanted Stannis to be king. He is the next in line for the throne, and he has the best claim. You really have to feel sorry for the guy who can never seem to catch a break. He values honor, justice, and loyalty above all else. Plus his situation is pretty sad, his wife is sickly (also crazy), his daughter, while sweet, is deformed with grayscale, and he only has a handful of followers. He is also an honest man; he told his wife that he cheated on her. In the most recent episode we see that Stannis visits Ser Davos, his trusted adviser, for the sole purpose of being talked out of sacrificing Gendry. Stannis only wants to defend the innocent and take his rightful place on the throne.

“This is Stannis Baratheon. The man will fight to the bitter end and then some”

4. Cersei Lannister

Everyone loves to hate Cersei Lannister. But, when you look at her as a character, everything she does isn’t irrationally evil or excessively cruel. Cersei is a strong, fierce woman that was forced to grow up in the shadow of her brother. She represents a natural reaction to the repression of women in the Westeros universe. Even now while she is queen regent she still doesn’t have the power to control her son or do anything outside of what is expected of her. Despite her cold and frigid nature, she demonstrates multiple times throughout the series that she can be vulnerable. Every time the other characters in the show see her vulnerability they abuse it. How can you expect Cersei to not be cold and unforgiving in the world around her? According to her brother Tyrion, her love of her children is her one redeeming quality. Just think of what it would be like to have to love Joffrey unconditionally. You could argue that it is her fault that he is that way, but Cersei had already lost one child, she just wanted to do everything to make her only child at the time happy. Her husband Robert was no help with his constant inebriation. Cersei is a victim of circumstance and is trying her best to hold on to the parts of her world that aren’t falling apart.

“I am a lioness. I will not cringe for them”

 3. The Hound

Sandor Clegane has gone on quite the journey from Lannister bodyguard, to the member of the Kingsgaurd, to protector/ kidnapper of Arya Stark. The show has been doing a better job of making The Hound a more sympathetic character. But, just in case you’re not convinced that you should love The Hound, let’s go over his history. The Hound’s most prominent feature is the burn on his face. How is that for a traumatic childhood experience? It is a wonder how this guy is even functioning, let alone one of the best fighters in the seven kingdoms. Fast forward to season one during the Hand of the King’s tournament where his furious brother begins to attack Ser Loras Tyrell. The Hound really doesn’t have reason to help Loras, and they are at the tournament with hundreds of other knights who could have stood up to defend their comrade. But no, The Hound selflessly rushes past the crowd and takes on his older brother in defense of someone he has never met. Now that’s heroic. Okay, so maybe he loves to fight and that’s why he rushed out there. However, he’s still compassionate. In season two, The Hound falls in love with Sansa Stark, a true beauty and the beast situation (one Sansa seems to fall into several times). From comforting her with his cloak after Joffery’s beatings, to saving her from being raped, The Hound shows his love any way he can. In the climax of season two, The Hound basically tells Joffery what viewers wanted to tell him since season one, then he proceeded to risk everything by offering to take Sansa home to Winterfell. The Hound may be a bloodthirsty psychopath, but he is a bloodthirsty psychopath with a heart of gold who is just sick of being treated like a dog.

“Even a dog gets tired of being kicked”

 2. Tywin Lannister

The wealthiest man in Westeros and Lord of Casterly Rock, Tywin Lannister gets hate for being the leader of the “evil” Lannisters. But, in reality he is just surrounded by incompetence. Tywin saved House Lannister from his father’s failings. Really when you stop and listen to some of his lines, there is the impression that he is one of the smartest men in the realm. Many could fault him for being underhanded, but none can deny he is efficient. He is a badass, plain and simple. Plus his fashion sense is unmatched. He doesn’t pull anything flashy or extravagant, yet he manages to regal in any setting. Like the rest of the characters on the show is in a constant struggle, but you have to love Tywin because he makes it looks easy.

“Lord Tywin wore no crown, yet he was all a king should be.”

1. Little Finger

Petyr Baelish is one of the most hated characters in the books and TV show. He is a cunning and manipulative bastard, yes, but so are many of the characters. Look at where this man came from, a lowly child who found his way into a highborn home and fell in love with a girl way out of his league. He works his way up from there, struggling with status every step of the way. Eventually he made his way to the capitol, finally becoming a member of the small council, and a successful master of coin. But, it doesn’t stop there; currently he is the ruler of the Veil, and one of the great lords of the land. Baelish is not only a self-made man, but a true romantic as well. He only really loved Catelyn Tully. Everything he has ever done, or tried to do is out of love. Have you ever really liked someone and had them stolen away from you by someone stronger, better looking, or more popular? This has happened to Baelish twice. He didn’t give up, he became more and more cunning and learned to play the Game of Thrones by his own rules. He is the essence of brain over brawn. Everything we have been taught as kids to like, the underdog, the hard worker, and the man who fights for love is Petyr Baelish. Let’s face it, he betrayed Ned, but it was out of love. He seeks power over all just to fill the hole in his heart. You have to love Little finger because at his core he is a tragic character. No matter how smart he may be, people who were born with more privilege will be able to boss him around. If you’ve ever been friend zoned, if you’ve ever lost something to someone wealthier, if you believe in getting ahead in life despite all of the odds, then Little Finger should be one of your favorites.


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12 Responses to “5 Game of Thrones Characters You Hate, but Should Love”
  1. Jim says:

    I was expecting something at least a little vapid, but that was a pretty insightful and interesting look at some of the characters. Nice.

  2. Edric says:

    It’s “Vale” not “veil.” The valley isn’t covered by cloth.

  3. Hidasta says:

    I agree with the Hound, I never thought about him as an “evil character”, he was one of my favourites since the first book. Stannis may be an honest guy, but he is totally fooled by Melissandre… which is all his fault.
    Tywin Lannister is a boss. Even though I’m not a big fan of the Lannister house (except Tyrion :D), I must admit that.
    And when it gets to Cersei and Littlefinger… I ****** hate them!

  4. Jimmy says:

    The book readers absoloutley love Stannis and want him to be king.

    • Alex says:

      I read the books. Stannis is one of my least favorite characters, almost a Viserys in his whining sense of entitlement. He thinks everyone owes him the world, and acts accordingly. That’s why he has so few followers.

      “But, in reality [Tywin] is just surrounded by incompetence.”

      ” there is the impression that [Tywin] is one of the smartest men in the realm.”
      Most likely THE smartest. Although Varys and Euron Greyjoy come close.

  5. Josh says:

    Of all the characters that you mention, I only agree with you about The Hound and Littlefinger, but not for the reasons that you mention. The Hound is not heroic. He is a survivor, first and foremost. Sure, he has random moments of kindness, but in most cases, there’s something he wants in return. Kidnapping/protecting Arya is a meal ticket, either by obtaining a good ransom or by gaining acceptance into the Starks army (new employment opportunity). Even his defense of Loras in the tourney was really a reaction to his brother Gregor, who he despises.

    I love Littlefinger precisely because he’s a ruthless, manipulative, conniving bastard. If you think Littlefinger is some sort of hopeless romantic, you have misunderstood the character completely. There might have been a time when Littlefinger felt something for Catelyn. But that Petyr Baelish is long gone. Littlefinger is defined by his ambition. He is a social status climber and a sociopath. He feels no empathy towards anyone. He merely sees others as chess pieces to move and manipulate for his own benefit. I think he is one of the most dangerous villains in the series. He is not redeemable, which is why I love him as a character.

    Cersei and Tywin are meant to be hated. There’s nothing redeemable about either of them, especially Tywin. I confess that I’m a fierce Stark loyalist so, I’m heavily biased against the Lannisters. But my contempt of Tywin has very little to do with his treatment of his enemies (the Starks and the Targaryens). What I find most reprehensible in Tywin is the way that he treats his own family. All 3 of his children are used, abused and easily desposable for Tywin, even Jamie who is arguably his favorite child means very little to him as a person. Jamie only matters to Tywin as a continuation of his own legacy.

    In regards to Stannis, I don’t think he’s written to be loathsome, yet I find him one of the most detestable characters in the entire series. Characters like Cersei, Viserys, Ramsay or the Freys are meant to be villains, and therefore hated. Stannis is supposed to be a gray character, but his brand of hipocrisy is absolutely infuriating. He loves to annoint himself as righteous, honorable and dutiful, when in reality he’s only an entitled jackass with an inferiority complex. The way he assasinated Renly is the single biggest act of cowardice of the entire series. If he’s so honorable and righteous, why didn’t he defeat Renly in the battlefield?? And for the record, Stannis is not the true heir to the Iron Throne, for the simple fact that Robert Baratheon never had any right to the throne in the first place. The throne belongs to Daenerys or Aegon (depending on whether Aegon is truly who he claims to be). Even Jon Snow has a better claim to the throne than Stannis, if L+R=J.

    • Faruq says:

      Actually, as Robert overthrew the Targaryens, the Baratheons are the rightful rulers and Stannis is next in line. That’s how it works. Danaerys has no claim, neither does Jon, because the Targaryens were overthrown, unless they come back and win it my force or other means.

  6. joanna says:

    Ramsay Bolton is worse than Joffrey and Theon combined.

  7. Sam says:

    I haven’t seen a single person who hates Lord Baelish . How is that even possible?

  8. No says:

    This is probably the worst article on Game of Thrones I’ve ever read. These are all god awful characters.

  9. Nelfy says:

    That’s funny, the only one i hate in this article is Petyr Baelish

  10. Sam says:

    I like your point about Cersei and the point about her already losing a child would be a very good point that would give her my sympathy…if it wasn’t revealed in the first book (A Game of Thrones) that she actually had it aborted on purpose because she didn’t want any true born children to Robert :/

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