Top 3 Game of Thrones Episodes to Re-watch before Next Week


Episode nine of Game of Throne is upon us and as any diligent viewer will tell you, episode nine of any season of Game of Thrones is the grand spectacle that everything builds up to. In the past, we have had defining events such as Ned Stark’s execution and the Battle of the Blackwater. So as we contemplate what’s in store for season three’s big boom, it is time to look back at season three and think about which episodes to watch again before this Sunday. The obvious answer would be to watch all of them, but I narrowed the list down to three.

3. Episode Eight: “Second Sons”

It’s easy to understand why someone would watch the direct precursor to next week’s episode, but there is so much more to this episode than just its placement in the season.  “Second Sons” is actually a fantastic episode and one of the best of this season. It sets up all of the secondary characters and where they are within the scope of the world. We meet Daario Naharis, Tyrion and Sansa wed, and Gendry gets more than he bargained for. It was unusual, as the eighth episode is usually dull and lagging, but this season’s entry really felt like the calm before the storm, with a bit of action to keep it interesting.


2. Episode Six: “The Climb”

“The Climb” is centered on the cinematic climb up the Wall, but it also sets up many of the events that will play out in episode nine. Robb agrees to marry Edmure to Frey’s daughter in an attempt to gain the Freys as an ally. “The Climb” also had contrast between the huge sweeping shots of the Wall and the quiet moments of espionage and dialog. One of the greatest exchanges of wit between Tywin Lannister and Olenna Tyrell occurs in this episode and it shouldn’t be overlooked. The ending alone is worth re-watching as it overlays a beautiful collection of scenes with a chilling soundtrack, topped off by a glorious speech by Littlefinger. Chaos is a ladder, and the climb, is all there is.


3. Episode Four: “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

Episode Four has so much going on in terms of important events that it should be on the top of any fan’s list for a re-watch.  Nearly every moment of this episode was filled with tension and intrigue. Theon he is betrayed just after admitting that his true father was Ned Stark, making this his most interesting episode. The defining moment of the episode was the ending where Daenerys’ destruction of Astapor rivals the action of the season one finale. It sets up the Mother of Dragons as a credible threat for the first time in the series.  The title refers to Lord Commander Mormont‘s untimely death, but as his watch ends, your re-watching can begin.


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