Once Upon a Time Returns

Beth Bender

Since the cliffhanger ending of the second season, fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time have eagerly awaited the show’s return, and trust me, they were not disappointed! The first episode of the season brings together all the characters-and even some new ones- into a dramatic season opener, filled with action, emotion, and plot twists.  Though the new episode threw a lot of new information at the audience, fans should definitely stick with the show, especially for the following reasons:



Confirmed to be yet another world in the show’s universe at the end of the second season, Neverland will definitely be a whole new level of challenges and danger.  Not only do Emma, her family, and the rest of the gang have to overcome the threats of nature, but also the threat of Peter Pan, Henry’s kidnapper who has his own agenda into gaining control of magic.  Tinkerbell is slated to be a character this season, but you can be sure she won’t be the Disney pixie we all know.  Based off the writer’s representation of mermaids, you can bet that Neverland is full of shadows and secrets!



Slated to have her own episode this season, the character of Ariel will be introduced this season.  The character was alluded to in a teaser trailer presented at San-Diego Comic-Con, and I was extremely excited when I heard the news.  While the show has utilized many different fairy tales, there really haven’t been any characters from an aquatic world, and who better than Ariel!  Prince Eric will also appear, and I am excited to see what spin the writers create for Ariel’s back story.


Multiple Worlds=Multiple Storylines

While the show utilized multiple worlds with multiple characters to further the plot last season, this year the bar has been raised. Baelfire, thought dead at the end of the second season, wakes to find himself back in the Enchanted Forest with Mulan, Aurora, and Prince Philip.  With Baelfire back in his real home, he will have to adjust not only to his surroundings, but to his role as Rumpelstiltskin’s son, a title that will surely have him run into some of his father’s enemies. With Rumpelstiltskin off on his own quest of redemption to save Henry, you can bet that he will run into some old foes.  Emma, Snow, Charming, Regina, and Hook stick together, but as the dramatic storm scene illustrated, Neverland isn’t their only enemy. The conflict of past actions between the party members will surely come up, and you can bet that words, and perhaps in Snow’s case arrows, will fly.  


More Mature Writing

While Once Upon A Time is a great show for its spin on classic fairy tales, they are definitely not the endearing tales we remember from their respective Disney movies.  A lot of characters have grown over the first two seasons: Emma accepting her role as leader and magic-wielder, Regina with her inner conflict of good and evil, and especially Henry, who has had to do a lot of growing up on account of his family’s expectations and the actions of those around him.  The opening episode for the third season shows such a Henry, taking charge and finding a way out of danger, but with this more mature attitude comes more danger.  Parents, don’t be surprised if this season takes a more serious tone; if the writers are letting a few choice curse words fly now, you can bet that some serious shitake mushrooms is going to hit the fan.

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