Our Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Steven

The founder and owner of this “fine” website, Steve has been obsessed with pop-culture since he was born when he sung into a fake microphone to the TV show Kid’s Incorporated. He majored at Temple University for film and tries to watch at least 5 movies a week. Favorite film as a child – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – I apparently was too young to figure out I should be watching the other two… Favorite film presently – Blue Valentine – Ryan Gosling is one of the greatest actors ever. I leave this movie sad as hell but it’s just too good not to see. Would most likely be mistaken for – Peter Sarsgaard, except for that whole creeping on younger women thing…. Twitter – @trums11

Managing Editor: Zachary

A Screenwriting & Playwriting student out of Drexel, Zachary Shevich co-founded The Pretentious Film Majors film discussion show on WKDU Philadelphia 91.7fm, before overseeing its transition into a TV show for DUTV and the web. Aside from Executive Producing “Pretentious Film Majors,” Zach has loved storytelling since a young age, and continues to absorb pop culture’s stories while attempting to create some of his own.  Zach is usually on Netflix Instant re-watching Arrested Development, 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, Louie, or The Larry Sanders Show Favorite Film as a Child – Balto… no, Cool Runnings!! Favorite Film Presently – The best film I’ve seen is Cidade de Deus, but my personal favorite is Punch-Drunk Love Most Likely to be Mistaken For – “SuperBad,” or Jonah Hill. Twitter – @ZShevich

Lead Reviewer: Don

Don Malvasi is an angry yet insightful child of the 60s who has a constant psychological need to immerse himself in the “otherness” provided by quality films. Referencing the high standards of the black-and-white era and contemporary international auteurs, he seeks the next great flick while tossing aside as bothersome trifles the numerous pretenders. Don’s favorite recent films are Ida and Birdman, two films that share a commonality in that both embrace stylistic breakthroughs which are not only marvels to watch, but a perfect gateway to exquisite, heightened character studies.


Staff Writers:


Ben F. Silverio received a degree from Drexel University in the Screenwriting and Playwriting Program witha minor in Television Production. While at Drexel, Ben co-founded and co-hosted a film review show called The Pretentious Film Majors, which has evolved into a multi-format form of entertainment including blogs, podcasts on iTunes, articles in the school paper, and a potential TV show. Now, armed with an extremely expensive piece of paper, Ben can begin climbing the treacherous ladder of the entertainment industry, which he hopes to do while streaming WWE wrestling matches, reading Marvel comics, and blogging about the excessive amount of movies and TV shows that he watches, all on the iPhone that is permanently attached to his hand. Tumblr bensilverio


Caleigh Flynn is a freelance writer, occasional barista, and forced her way onto the Pretentious Film Majors back before they had fancy things like “interns” and “websites” and “an audience.” Her hobbies include sleeping, having a lot of opinions about superheroes and, occasionally, writing the odd Cinedork article. She mostly veers in between wanting to write, wanting to work in film, wanting to work in radio and giving up and joining the Peace Corps. Caleigh is usually procrastinating, marathoning seasons of Mad Men for the billionth time, and craving Chipotle. Favorite Film as a ChildPractical Magic. I’m still waiting to discover I have magical powers with which I can both cover up murder and beguile sexy sheriffs. Current Favorite FilmBeasts of the Southern Wild, aka ‘The only movie of 2012 that really matters.’ (Sorry Avengers, I still love you.) Most Likely to be Mistaken For– Kat Dennings, without the disappointing CBS comedy. Twitter– @peggyolsons

Chris B.

A freelance writer, Screenwriting & Playwriting student out of Drexel, and occasional comedian, Chris Blondell joined the Pretentious Film Majors after repeatedly threatening Zachary Shevich with a loose butter knife. When Chris feels like it, he contributes highly opinionated articles, films reviews and discussion segments posing as various “experts” on anything convenient at the time, and provides wonderful moral support for those who give him treats. In his free time, Chris enjoys bird watching from his roof in South Philly, high-fiving mailmen, and watching Netflix all day when depressed. Chris’ favorite movie as a child was definitely not Goodfellas, but most likely The Brave Little Toaster. Chris’ favorite film presently is none of your business, but he likes to tell people that it’s Shaft.  Twitter – @Chris_Blondell

Chris C.

Chris Cerrone is an Animation and Visual Effects major at Drexel who enjoys reading Fantasy and Science Fiction, as well as writing his own stories.  Favorite Actor – Nicholas Cage, Nicholas Cage, Nicholas Cage. Favorite Film as a Child – A tie between The Great Escape (Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Garner) and The Trap (Oliver Reed). Current Favorite Film – Always a difficult question, in the past few months I’d say Silver Linings Playbook.


A student at Drexel for Screenwriting & Playwriting, Isabella “Izzy” Bejar is a new member of the PFM empire. Izzy can usually be found watching British TV off of her laptop, on Tumblr or talking on WKDU radio. Favorite film as a child wasn’t just one. If there was a VHS she could reach it was on repeat for a month; from Pocahontas to A Walk in the Clouds. Favorite film currently is probably Pirate Radio.


While not writing for Cinedork or studying in Drexel’s Screenwriting & Playwriting department, James Acker can be found playing in Philadelphia. Ever the philanthropist, critics have described Acker as “Ambitious” and “Kind of tall.” New to the scene, he plans to work with the Drexel group “Pretentious Film Majors” to indulge his love for everything filmed and get some writing done during his time at Drexel University. James is usually sleeping. But, like, in the most productive way. Favorite Film Right Now – Wreck It Ralph. All the creativity of Shrek with none of the SmashMouth. Favorite Film as a Child – A close tie between The Lion King and Caligula. Elton John does wonderful work in both. Would most likely be mistaken for Nickelodeon heartthrob Josh Peck or NBC heartthrob Jay Leno. Twitter @AckWords


Kaitlin is a Media Studies major and a self-professed film and television junkie. Her favorite television shows of all time include Freaks and Geeks, United States of Tara, and American Horror Story. She still watches Degrassi on a regular basis, and thinks that Pretty Little Liars is the tween version of Twin Peaks, which allows her to feel not-at-all guilty about obsessing over it. Her favorite movie is Heathers, and she hopes one day that Winona Ryder will get the respect she deserves. She currently is spending a semester in Los Angeles where she is interning in film and television development.


A History major and American Studies minor at Fordham University, Kristin Magaldi is a new member of the Cinedork’s writing team, recently discovering just how much she loves writing television reviews. When she is not involved with a play on campus, Kristin is usually practicing Italian in subway stations and perfecting her impersonation of Kristen Wiig characters from SNL. Kristin has loved writing all of her life and hopes one day to write her own historical fiction. Her favorite television show by far is Scrubs because she feels she has a little bit of Elliot in her.  Favorite film from childhood was Dumb and Dumber oddly enough. For whatever reason, I was a Jim Carey addict as a child and my mother used to put them on for me to keep me quiet. Favorite film currently is Gone with the Wind because I am sucker for amazing, classic American movies. Most Likely to be Mistaken For Kristen Wiig (I hope but probably not).


A current Film and Video major attending Drexel, Matt has been interested in film since he was young.    Matt isn’t exactly sure what he wants to specialize in, but he does have a passion for the industry, and to someday hopefully find what he loves.  Matt is usually either surfing reddit for useless yet useful information or absorbed in some video game while he hopelessly waits for Doctor Who and Sherlock to resume.  Favorite Film as a Child He isn’t quite sure it’s either The first Pokemon movie, or Star Wars (All of them at the time).  Favorite Film Presently Still have to say Star Wars (Lean more towards the original trilogy now), Clerks, and The Dark Knight.  Most Likely to Be Mistaken for:  Angus T Jones from 2 and 1/2 Men


Michaela is a Television and Media Management student at Drexel University.  Michaela writes articles for Cinedork including weekly reviews of TV shows. She also participates in writing scripted material and interviews for the Pretentious Film Majors. From a young age she has had trouble differentiating reality from television. Her hobbies include watching movies and tv, procrastinating on the internet, and general Tomfoolery. Favorite Movie – The Departed Favorite TV Show Presently – Community Favorite TV Show Ever – The Simpsons.