Interview: Blue Valentine Writer/Director – Derek Cianfrance


Yes! we interviewed the amazingly talented writer/director of Blue Valentine Derek Cianfrance but we’ll get to that later. Blue Valentine is the subject at hand. This film is a newly branded masterpiece of cinema that holds some of the best acting done in any film in the past 10 years. I swear I jumped at […]

Cinedork Podcast – January 3rd – Best of 2010 (Part 1)

podcast best of 2010

WE ARE BACK! New Podcasts! New people! New topics! More of the same dirty jokes you expect from us. This week we discuss our feelings of love and hate about the year of 2010 and all the shitty things it brought us. (Jersey Shore, I’m looking at you…)

Review: Blue Valentine


This year has been full of actors and actresses pouring their hearts out on screen in hopes of gaining one of those shinny Oscars. What none of them realized was that Blue Valentine was being released on the last day of the year. This film is nothing short of brilliant from story, to acting, to […]

I Love You Phillip Morris – Trailer (Christmas Edition)


I Love You Phillip Morris is a film that we were sad to miss at the Philadelphia Film Festival. It is also a film in which Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor play in roles that I think they themselves, never thought they would play. Two gay men falling in love with a mix of Jim […]

Interview/Review – “127 Hours” – Danny Boyle – A Director with Many Hats


His film 127 Hours has played many festivals and is now in limited theaters (opening in Philadelphia today). But where did Danny Boyle come from? He may be known as “That Slumdog Guy” but in reality, you may know him a lot better than you think. (And if you don’t know him, find out why […]

Review: Four Lions

Four Lions - costumes-by-van

This movie is the smartest and one of the funniest comedies you will see all year.

PFF 2010 Review: A Serbian Film


How did this movie get made?

19th Annual Philadelphia Film Festival Podcast – Wrap Up Edition

film fest feat

We talk about our favorite films, our interviews, and why the Philadelphia Film Society is the best film organization (besides us) in Philadelphia. Check them out on, get a membership, see lots of movies!

M. Night Shyamalan Interview – All 5 Parts and Our Two Questions

Dan Interview M


PFF 2010 Review: The Room


I’ll start this review by simply saying that The Room is absolutely the kind of film that needs to be seen to be believed.  No amount of words or screen captures can accurately display the sheer insanity of this movie. The midnight showing of The Room marks the first time the little known masterpiece has […]