Top Cinedork Articles of 2011

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Top ten lists are all over the place so here at Cinedork we decided to take our Top Ten List and make it all about ourself (how narcissistic of us). Below are the top visited articles of 2011 on! 10. Interview with James Wan and Leigh Whannell for “Insidious” – We sat down with […]

Don’s Best (and worst) Films of 2011

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The Best: The Artist (France, Michael Hazanavicius) This nearly totally silent, black-and- white film is a sizzling masterwork that celebrates not just the silent film but the film medium in general–both as a whole and as two very distinct halves separated by the breakthrough of sound. Simultaneously amusingly and poignantly, it portrays the emotional turmoil […]

Review: Martha Marcy May Marlene


First-time director Sean Durkin has created one of the year’s most beguiling films, which is not to say it is free of bewilderment. MMMM is a moving portrait of the mental and emotional disintegration of a refugee from a rural “cult” of young people (mostly women) drawn into the clutches of an older, tyrannical male […]

PFF – Review: The Women in the Fifth

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The Women in the Fifth Is a french Fight Club drama piece-of-crap gone horribly wrong. If you want to see a movie where Ethan Hawke is really depressed and has sex with lots of women to try and compensate for it this is the film for you. Ethan Hawke’s performance in this is comparable to […]

Closing Night Costume Contest and Party – Philadelphia Film Festival

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Who doesn’t love Halloween? A night where you can dress up to be whomever you want! You can be a princess! (Enchanted) A mountain climber! (127 Hours) A Storm Trooper (I’m not helping you with that one) A Doctor (Who?) Anyone! You can even look like a bitch (Pulp Fiction) Well get ready because the […]

PFF – Review: The Kid With a Bike

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– You’re an 11-year-old boy living in a home for orphans. – You’re insistent on finding a way to ecape at every turn. – You’d do anything to find your father who abandoned you. – You stumble on a local hairdresser willing to take you in on weekends. So begins the latest heartwrenching odyssey from […]

PFF – Review: Melancholia


Everywhere you look these days new films are tackling mental illness, the end of the world, or both. Leave it to¬†provocateur, Hitler commentator, and visual poet Lars Von Trier (Dogville, Antichrist, Breaking The Waves) to tie the two subjects together with an uncanny verve and a vision which, while pitch-dark, contains more than a shred […]

PFF – Review: La Havre

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It’s not that Aki Kurismaki’s Le Havre uses the director’s trademark deadpan humor to escape from life’s harsh realities. Rather, Le Havre’s exquisitely offbeat style and genuinely believable, quirky characters stand up as a commonsense solution to the film’s theme of the ethics surrounding illegal immigration. Andre Wilms is wonderful as a shoeshine man who […]

PFF – Review: Butter

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A movie about butter sculpting. Ha!¬†As in not-so-funny…. While exhibitng a handful of moments of sharp satire, Butter is largely a toned-down send-up of a Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachman-esque character (Jennifer Garner) smack in the middle of Iowa. The film is far too schmaltzy to effectively hold up a mirror to the timidity and insipidness of […]

PFF – Review: Miss Bala

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According to the new film Miss Bala, the bizarre level of corruption in response to Mexico’s drug cartel violence infests every nook and cranny of the country’s society. Director Gerardo Naranjo offers a searing peek into this harrowing, topsy-turvy world in one of the year’s most inventive films (Mexico’s official entry into this years Academy […]