Review: Not Fade Away


Good music takes you back in time. Real good music takes you back emotionally to the very instant you first heard it. In Not Fade Away, The Sopranos creator David Chase’s first project in five years, music’s power to shape and change a culture is powerfully rendered. An excellent cast of nobodies and James Gandolfini, […]

Review: Holy Motors


Holy Motors slaps you in the face, has you laughing yourself silly, and confounds you near-continuously. Best to give in and roll with the punches. There are a lot of things it isn’t–mainly a film with only one “correct” interpretation. Best to consider it an exhilarating ride to an unclear destination or, if you will, […]

Cinedork Staff Picks Best of 2012 Philadelphia Film Fest


The 2012 Philadelphia Film Festival has come and gone and left Philadelphians with a slew of great, interesting, and odd movies that would have likely not been otherwise recognized. We at Cinedork had the chance to see just about every film in the festival, from big blockbuster to small indie, and are using this column […]

PFF ’12: One Great Scene At a Time (Wrap-Up)

PFF12_2 writer and film aficionado Don Malvasi had the opportunity to check out a bulk of the films that came in through Philadelphia during the 21st Annual Philadelphia Film Festival. An assortment of indie darlings and Oscar contenders provided some very memorable moments in moviedom. In this column, Don breaks down the 2012 Philadelphia Film […]

PFF ’12 Interview: Adam Leon, director of Gimme the Loot


Pretentious Film Major Paula Logozzo sits down with director Adam Leon, to discuss his debut feature Gimme the Loot, which played in the 2012 Philadelphia Film Festival. They discuss the music of the film, working with non-actors, and having your first feature heartily embraced by film audiences. For more information on The Pretentious Film Majors […]

Review: Silver Linings Playbook

silver lining

Bradley Cooper uses the phrase “I can’t edit myself” with enough frequency in Silver Linings Playbook to manage to regularly apologize yet still excuse himself as he delivers zinger after zinger. Basically he still harbors the simple notion that if he tells it like it is, remains honest with himself and tries hard enough to […]

PFM Channel: Yaron Zilberman, director of A Late Quartet


Devin Southard of the Pretentious Film Majors spends some time at the 21st annual Philadelphia Film Festival with YARON ZILBERMAN, the writer-director behind A LATE QUARTET (out NOW in theaters). They discuss his love of chamber music, the mind of a musician, and using instruments as a metaphor. For more information on The Pretentious Film […]

PFF ’12: This Time Tomorrow (review)


Taking place in the far-flung future of December 20th, 2012, This Time Tomorrow is a depressingly endearing movie from Philadelphia native and director Shane Bissett, and while its plot feels familiar, the execution and organic way it was filmed creates a realistic and an emotionally compelling tone. It’s the day before the Mayan Apocalypse, and […]

PFF ’12: Somebody Up There Likes Me (review)


Every good film has a unique style that is incorporated into each frame to form an interesting movie. Somebody Up There Likes Me is a dark comedy that creates a distinctive world filled with memorable characters, thought-provoking events, and charm that resonates with each line of dialog. A simply refreshing piece that not only is […]

PFF ’12 – Review: Sister

Sister 02

The relationship between thieving, conniving 12-year old Simon and his cranky, shiftless older sister Louise forms the core of the sad, stirring Sister, a film from French director Ursula Meier. Shot by the wonderful cinematographer Agnes Godard, Sister evokes the Alpine ski resort that is the setting of Simon’s mischief, with a gritty self-assurance. Kacy […]