Review: Buzzard


Marty Jackitansky is hardly a character who elicits empathy. I found his nihilism amusing but also wouldn’t have minded a bit if someone punched him in the face. To say he lacks ambition is to say Freddy Krueger lacks menace. Oh, by the way, there’s a running theme in Buzzard where Marty (Joshua Burge) not […]

Review: Focus


It’s one thing to encounter a film with an imaginatively playful screenplay that takes occasional liberties with common sense. It’s quite another to have your intelligence insulted in a manner as blatant and as numbing as the new Will Smith movie, Focus. Just when we are asked to fall for one outrageous scenario, another one […]

A Film Critic’s Thoughts on Film in 2014


In a year where two highly innovative English language films (Birdman and Boyhood) stood above the pack, it was foreign language films in 2014 that contained much of the lifeblood of the year’s cinema. Pawel Pawlikowski weaves a magical, deeply meditative spell with the lean and sublime Ida, a black-and-white film shot in a nearly […]

Review: Force Majeure

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Force Majeure presents a situation between a married couple that forces us to reflect on how our own response to the same situation might be similar or different. Swedish Director Ruben Ostlund demonstrates great control with a deft sense of humor that bursts forth to perfectly offset the many tense moments of conflict. Philosophical speculation […]

Review: Goodbye to Language 3D


Jean-Luc Godard on several occasions in his new film, Goodbye to Languge 3-D, places two images atop each other. Close one eye, you’ll see one image; close the other, a different image. Do neither and you’ll get a headache. Small price to pay for the experience of indulging the French master and allowing him to […]

Review: Birdman


Long takes consisting of swooning, uniquely-angled camera shots are set to the riveting backdrop of a hypnotically spare solo jazz drum. Weaving Antonio Sanchez’s dazzling minimalist score around the action and as an ironic comment on it, director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarittu has created a movie that essentially plays as much like a brilliant piece of […]

PFF23 Review: The Last Five Years


The intermittently uplifting yet often pretentious The Last Five Years contains hardly any dialogue that is not sung. Pleasantly containing several songs of depth and wit, the film struggles with the thinnest of story lines and its pleased-with-itself structure. Anna Kendrick, who is very good, presents her character, Cathy’s story backwards from the end, while […]

PFF23 Review: Human Capital


Human Capital blends a razor-sharp depiction of Italian class tension with an engrossing mystery. Based on a novel by American author Stephen Amidon, the film unfolds in separate chapters, each of which repeats the same events from the different perspectives of various characters. The film, deriving its title from the world of insurance, boasts powerful […]

Contest: “Dracula Untold” Screening Passes


Dracula Untold looks like a bad-ass remake of Nosferatu. Unlike that black and white boring classic, Dracula Untold is full of action, badassery, and more action. If you’d like to see this movie EARLY and for FREE!!! then email us at the info below for a chance to win screening passes in Philadelphia. Where: UA […]

Event: Reel East Film Festival

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 6.08.01 PM

This weekend marks the first Reel East Film Festival. The newest, and second closest film festival, to Philadelphia. The schedule is short and sweet, with a wide variety of amazing films that would make even the most timid film lover weep with joy. See below for the full schedule. Go buy tickets and find out […]

Contest: Screening Passes “Into the Storm”

into-the-storm-2014-img05 (1)

Twister 2! Wanna see it early? Go to and enter the code “CINEDKD107″ to get a pass! First 25 people to do it will win! When: Monday August 4th – Tonight Where: Cinemark University City Penn 6 Good Luck! Send to Kindle

Contest: “Boyhood” Screening Passes


This is the description from Wikipedia The film was shot intermittently over a twelve-year period, as Coltrane grew from childhood to adulthood; filming began in the summer of 2002 and was completed in October 2013. HOLY SHIT DOESN’T THAT SOUND AMAZING? You can win tickets to go see this uh-mazing movie early! Email “” with […]

Contest: Screening Passes “The Purge: Anarchy”


Just like every Horror franchise that makes at least $5 we are getting a sequel!!! If you don’t remember the first Purge movie, let me remind you what happened. A lot of people died. Now! You get a special opportunity to see the newest Purge American Tradition! Before it even comes out! Where: Rave University […]

Contest: “Locke” Screening Passes


Locke looks like one hell of a ride. They’re even talking about Tom Hardy (Bane in Batman 3 for all you people who can’t quite remember who he is) getting nominated for an Oscar! Holy Shit! YOU. Yes you. Not the person behind you at work that’s annoying the shit out of you. YOU can […]

Giveaway: Bad Words College Screening @ Rave University City

bad_words_xlg-1 along with our partners at the Pretentious Film Majors and friends at Focus Features are giving FREE seats to an advanced screening of the new spelling bee comedy directed by and starring Jason Bateman, Bad Words. The Pretentious Film Majors will host the event this Thursday night, February 27th, at 7:30pm, at Philadelphia’s Rave University […]

Contest: Free Tickets to “The Suit” at The Prince Music Theater


We are proud to be giving away a pair of tickets to a lucky winner to see “The Suit” at the Prince Music Theater! To get tickets to The Suit click on the link to the right or Click Here!!! The Suit will be playing at the Prince Music Theater from February 28 – March […]

Giveaway: Vikings Season Two Premiere Tickets

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 12.05.33 PM

Philly fans of The History Channel’s epic new series VIKINGS, it’s time to get your horned-helmets on and sharpen those swords! and The Pretentious Film Majors are hosting the premiere of Vikings Season Two at Philadelphia’s own Ritz at the Bourse theater, and you can get a free seat for you and a friend to see Scandinavian […]

Contest: An Evening with Kumail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray – Prince Theater


Residing at one of the top LA comedy clubs Kamail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray are easily recognizable in the many movies in which their comedic timing is sharp. These two are going to be headlining the Prince Music Theater this Saturday at 7PM. For tickets and more information click here. We are also giving away […]

Contest: David Koechner @ The Trocadero – Jan 11


Whammy! Star of Anchorman/Anchorman 2 David Koechner will be at the Trocadero on January 11th! He will be doing a one night show of his hilarious stand up. Maybe he’ll dish on Will Ferrell too. Buy your tickets here. Or here. Or here. Here too. Maybe here. This one might work. We are giving away […]

Contest: Screening Passes “The Legend of Hercules”


Gone is the Christmas season full of feelgood sappy Hollywood movies. We are now in January, a time of action packed awesomeness that will blow your freakin’ mind! We are giving away passes to “The Legend of Hercules” here at the dork. Grab the link below to grab yours. Where: Cinemark University City Penn 6, […]

Contest: “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” Hollywood Movie Money


Do you like free movies? Do you like The Hobbit-ses? Well this contest is for you!!! Win free movie money to see THE HOBBIT: DESOLATION OF SMAUG the week it comes out! All you need to do is send an email to “” with your Name, email, phone, and mailing address and the subject “GIVE […]

Contest: “Philomena” Screening Passes


This beautiful film staring Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan tells the daring tale of an old woman looking for her lost son that was taking from her in childhood. I usually makes snarky comments in these contests but I’ve seen Philomena (at the Philadelphia Film Festival) and I cannot think of words that aren’t […]

Contest: “Nebraska” Free Screening Passes


What do you get when you combine Alexander Payne, an angry old man, and MacGrubber? The great state of Nebraska! We at the Dork have passes for a special pre-opening special (it’s really special) screening that we are just extatic to give away to all of you. Where: Ritz Five, Philadelphia, PA When: Tuesday, November […]

“Potted Potter” at the Prince Music Theater


Have you ever thought to yourself “hey self… I want to know everything that happens in the Harry Potter books but I don’t really wanna waste hours of my life reading them…. I also hate movies because I’m a crazy person” Well then here’s the solution for you! Potted Potter at the Prince Music Theater […]

We Are The Best Review

we are the best

Punk is alive and well in Stockholm circa 1982 as the charming foreign film Vi är bäst! or We Are The Best! The film follows a group of three teens, ages 12-14, who decide to start a Punk Rock band. The plot is an adaptation of the graphic novel “Never Goodnight” by Coco Moodysson. Watching these […]

Philadelphia Film Festival Animated Shorts Program Review


The Philadelphia Film Festival’s Animated Shorts Program featured a collection of 13 recently released animated short films from around the world.  Each short had its own style and story to tell.  When presented as a collection, these stories created a unique experience that I’ll never forget, even if I try. Fear of Flying Director Conor […]

PFF ’13: 12 O’Clock Boys


Often the best characters and most dynamic stories are walking amongst us overlooked or hidden by the preoccupations of a culture fixated on looking for the next idol or super-hero drama. It’s high time we once again pay attention to the world around us witnessing through their eyes what makes up their world.      […]

Opera in the City Series – Svadba


This and next weekend Opera Philadelphia is putting on Svadba with FringeArts Philadelphia. The story is “simple” On the night before her wedding, Milica and her five girlfriends prepare for her marriage in a raucous and intoxicating a cappella tour de force. Opera News called the work “dazzlingly inventive,” enthusiastically endorsing the opera as “a […]

Review: Evil Dead the Musical (Prince Music Theater)

1792726995_Evil Dead.jpg

If you take Evil Dead and inject Little Shop of Horrors, gallons of blood, and enough inappropriate jokes to make your mom pass out you get Evil Dead the Musical. (EDTM) This isn’t Wicked. Right from the start you get this sense that EDTM isn’t your typical sing and dance production. EDTM proves right from […]

Contest – Screening Passes for “We Are What We Are”


If you haven’t been following Jim Mickle’s film career then you know nothing about horror movies. His last post-apocalyptic nightmare film Stake Land was an amazing horror delight. We are excited to give away 25 admit two passes to the films Philadelphia premiere on Sunday! THIS SUNDAY! Clear your calendars folks. You have a commitment. […]

Contest: World’s End – Screening Passes


A night of drinking and killing aliens. Sign me up! To win passes send us an email at “” and the subject “Worlds End” to be entered to win! Where: Philadelphia, PA – Ritz V When: Thursday, August 22 at 7:30PM Send to Kindle

Contest: Screening Passes for “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints”


Western! Rooney Mara! Casey Affleck! Sign me up! We are proudly, egotistically, and energetically giving away tickets to a FREE screening of “Ain’t Them Bodies Saints” in Philadelphia which opens locally on Friday Aug 23rd at the Ritz V. Screening Pass Information! Where: Philadelphia, PA When: Wednesday August 1st – 7:30pm All you need to […]

The Great Cinedork Random Weekend Screening Pass Giveaway! – The Spectacular Now


More free screening passes for your Cinedork’s in Philly!? Yes! We have the biggest indie film of the year sights next. Spectacular Now! Go here: Type in this code: CINEDKPM26 When: August 15, 2013 at 7:30PM Where: Philadelphia, PA Good luck! Send to Kindle

The Great Cinedork Random Weekend Screening Pass Giveaway! – Jobs


If you are looking for a mix of That 70s show and a creepy amount of make up then we have the right movie for you! We are giving out free screening passes to Jobs for the time below! Please go to “” and type in the code “CINEDK60J0” To claim your free tickets! One […]



Alright you dorks. We are gonna kick off our Weekend of Free Screening passes by giving away 20 admit-2 passes to Kick Ass 2! All you need to do is email “” with your name, email, and the subject line “Ass Kicker 2!” (I will be checking for exact spelling…) See you kids tommorrow to […]

Rewind This! Director Josh Johnson @ AwesomeFest (interview)


Currently running in the city of Philadelphia is The Awesome Fest, a gnarly film festival going until August 17th featuring some of the hottest 80s movies of all time. There’s also some new movies showing that give us the same nostalgic feeling when checking them out. For instance, the new documentary ‘Rewind This’ explored the […]

Contest: “The Way Way Back” Screening Passes


We have free passes to give away to “The Way Way Back” tomorrow night in Philadelphia, PA! Use the code below at to get free passes! Gofobo Code: CINEDKSLJX And if that code wasn’t enough Nat Faxon and Jim Rash will be in Philly for a special Q&A that night. Send to Kindle

Photo Recap – Mega Bad Movie Night “Night of the Lepus”

Mega Bad-28

Enjoy our pictures from The Academy of Natural Science’s Mega Bad Movie Night for June 2013. Tag yourself  and see EVEN MORE PICTURES on our Facebook page Pictures taken by Dave Sarrafian Send to Kindle

Contest: 43KIX Summer Challenge


Anyone who lives in Philadelphia should enter this contest. Being invited to FREE MOVIES for the rest of the year? Who would say no to that!? Text “START” and your zip code to 43549. It’s as simple as that. No hoops at all. Send to Kindle

The Awesomefest Brings the 80s Back to Philly!


With Philadelphia’s very awesome Awesomefest already rolling, the Cinedork staff caught up with the film festival’s artistic director Josh Goldbloom about what we can expect to see, who we can expect to show up, and why movies from the 80s are just so frickin’ awesome! Tell us a little about AwesomeFest. Josh Goldbloom: This year’s […]

Contest: “The Bling Ring” Giveaway


Sofia Coppolia is one of my favorite directors. Her movies may not be crowd pleasers but her asthetic and attention to detail is fascinating. “Lost in Translation” and the highly underrated “Somewhere” are unique stories that are made as gateways into these amazing worlds. In the lost art of forgetting to craft an experience in […]

Contest: The Met: Live in HD Summer 2013

carmen met opera

Another summer means another round of Operas at the Cinema! The Met presents 3 of their most popular Operas of all time for public consumption this summer. For all of you Dorks out there this is the best chance to get up front and center for these amazing shows (without mortgaging your house to get […]

Contest: Twenty Feet From Stardom – Screening Passes


Hello music lovers. We have 25 admit two passes to go see Twenty Feet From Stardom! A film celebrating the influence and importance of some of the greatest backup singers of our lifetime. Where: Philadelphia, PA – Ritz East When: June 24th – 7:30pm Email “” with your name, address, and email and the subject […]

Cirque Du Soleil – Why Everyone in Philly Should Go See “Totem”

totem cirque du soleil

It’s hard to explain Cirque Du Soleil if you have never seen it before. Imagine this intricately envisioned and detailed dream-scape is breathtakingly happening right in front of you. It’s hard not to be impressed. From just entering a Cirque camp the atmosphere immediately takes you over. A man on stilts doing magic in the […]

Contest: “Much Ado About Nothing” Screening Passes


We all know who Joss Whedon is at this point. He’s responsible for many iconic characters we know today. He also helped create one of the biggest movies of all time “The Avengers.” In between all of this Joss went out and filmed a “strictly by the text” version of William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About […]

Contest: “Kings of Summer” Screening Passes


With it summer brings us film lovers a bunch of indie stand out must-see films. And if Sundance has anything important to say this film is one you HAVE to see. We at the dork are happy to be able to provide many of you fine Dorks out there free tickets to see this movie […]

Celebrity Photo-Ops: Not Worth It?


With Wizard World Philadelphia occurring in a few days, many comic lovers, science fiction die-hards, and fans of movie and television pop culture in general will be anxiously waiting for next weekend to arrive.  Amidst the panels, displays, and cosplay, a popular attraction for convention-goers are the photo opportunities and signings with celebrities, writers, and […]

Contest: Fan Screening of World War Z


Zombies Zombies Zombies! Get your Zombies Here! Do you want to see World War Z before EVERYONE ELSE? You know you do. This is one of the first fan screenings of the movie and it’s in our own home town (area) before it hits theaters June 21st. (That’s like a whole month away). Where: AMC […]

IndieGoGo Spotlight: In Loving Memory


With less than a week to go until his fundraising deadline, Philadelphia filmmaker Tom Caswell spoke to Cinedork about his upcoming short film, as well as his thoughts on recent developments to the Kickstartering of films. Cinedork: So what’s your film about? Tom Caswell: “In Loving Memory” is a film set in Philadelphia all about […]

Contest: Star Trek – Screening Passes


Who wants to see Star Trek early!?! I feel like most of us Dorks feel like the picture above every time we hear the words “new Star Trek”. But go nuts because we have some free passes. Where: UA Riverview, Philadelphia, PA When: Wednesday, May 15th – 9PM Go to Gofobo and RSVP with the […]

Contest: Peeples – Free Screening Passes

peeples feat cinedork 2i

One of the most beautiful people of all time and one of the funniest are now in a movie together. Sure this is a “Tyler Perry Presents” movie but who cares! It has Kerry Washington in it! I’m totally down for that! And who doesn’t love a good Horsedick.mpeg joke. We at the Dork have […]

Contest: The Reluctant Fundamentalist – Free Screening Passes/Books


The Reluctant Fundamentalist is a film that talks about the struggles of being profiled after 9/11. In the trailer it begins as an Oceans Eleven energy filled romp and by the time it ends it winds up being about much more. We at the Dork are happy to give away screening passes for a Sneak […]

Contest: “Lords of Salem” Prize Pack Giveaway

lords of salem

Let’s talk Rob Zombie. This man has delivered so many fucked up films in his time that he deserves a medal. One made of solid black coal. House of 1000 Corpses and The Devils Rejects are two of my favorite horror films of all time. Sid Haig, the master of playing a deranged mad-men, helps […]

Review: Disconnect


Swamped by rampant, insidious technology, Disconnect’s characters share a void of connectedness with other human beings–especially loved ones. Emotional compensation makes its uncertain, fateful presence in their emotionally empty lives by way of the same virtual sources that can intensify the problem as easily as alleviate it. In Disconnect, a cautionary and vivid yarn by […]

Mega Bad Movie Night – In Pictures


Never been to Mega Bad movie night? No you’ll know exactly what your missing. (Only the best reoccurring film event in Philadelphia) The next Mega Bad Movie night is in June. See you there Dorks. For more information check out the Academy of Natural Sciences Website. Like the pictures? Find them on Facebook! Send to Kindle

Contest: The Place Beyond the Pines – Screening Passes


Blue Valentine makes me feel horrible every time I even think about it. It’s depressing, sad, upsetting, and there’s even a little “grey-area-rape” in there. Derek Cianfrance’s new film “The Place Beyond the Pines” looks like it keeps the mood and switches the themes. We at the dork have a few passes to give away. […]

Contest: Disconnect – Screening Passes


Hypocritical about everything the internet stands for “Disconnect” is a film that dives into various character stories and how the Internet has destroyed their lives. Sure the Internet has brought us closer together but it’s also become a way for even the slightest mistakes to follow us throughout our lives. Destined to mentally scare the […]

Contest: Mega Bad Movie Night – Dinocroc vs Supergator


Another awesome MEGA BAD MOVIE NIGHT full of beer, food, science, and BAD MOVIES! This time it’s “Dinocroc vs Supergator” a beautifuly bad film about a weird splicing of different reptiles. Damn it looks good. Where: Academy of Natural Sciences When: Thursday April 4th Who: Anyone over 21 There will be lots of crocodilian and […]

Contest: Evil Dead – Screening Passes


Why remake the Evil Dead? Well for starters there needed to be more blood/guts/violence. There needed to be a bigger budget. And lastly there needed to be a tone change from campy to more… well… serious. (No offense Bruce Campbell. I love you and all you stand for, but you’re a little bit too silly) […]

Contest: “Rogue” Free Screening Passes


I love TV. I’m a junkie. I watched House of Cards in two days. I’m dedicated. So Rogue is MORE than intriguing to me. This sexy spy thriller is going to be played on the big screen in Philadelphia in a one night only “sexy” premiere. When: Thursday, March 21 at 7:00 PM Where: Ritz […]

Contest: Francesca da Rimini – Opera Tickets

Met Live - FDR - 3.16

So you all know how much I love Operas. (If you don’t you should read our site more). I know what your thinking, opera? Who cares… But Opera is a fantastic, beautiful art form that continues to breathe life on stages across the globe. I mean… why do you study Shakespeare in school? Its because […]

Contest: “Spring Breakers” – Screening Passes


WOOOOT!!!! SPRING BREAK!!!!! So how to describe an adult movie about four teens who want to have the craziest spring break ever? You can’t. Watch the trailer above. Just know that James Franco plays his usual… crazy self… We have a few passes available for a pre screening this week! See James Franco as a […]

Contest: “Stoker” – Screening Passes


Oldboy, Thirst, Holy Shit you should be as excited as we are for Stoker, Chan-wook Park’s first US/English film. We are lucky enough, blessed, honored, the whole 9 yards to be giving away Stoker passes for next week. We have a ton of passes. GO CRAZY! Where: Philadelphia, PA When: Tuesday March 12th, 2013 RSVP […]

Contest: Dead Man Down – Screening Passes


Get your pointer fingers ready because here comes another “first-come-first-serve” Screening pass contest! Whomever wants a pair of free tickets for Niels Arden Oplev’s (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) new film “Dead Man Down” can use the code below to RSVP for an Admit-2 pass. The screening takes place on… When: Thursday, March 7th […]

Contest: Animal House Toga Party Tickets


  Toga! Toga! Toga! Are you ready to don your best bed sheet and head down to the Theater of Living Arts for the Pretentious Film Majors’ Toga Party Screening of Animal House?! The all-time frat-classic starring the iconic John Belushi will be shown at Philadelphia’s TLA Saturday night at 10pm, and tickets are available […]

Contest: Mega Bad Movie Night – “The Core”


I definitely don’t agree with this. I love “The Core”. Aaron Eckhart and Stanley Tucci! Who doesn’t love Stanley Tucci??! He was in the Hunger Games for God’s sake! And Aaron Eckhart!? He was f#@!ing Two-Face. Put then on a drill to the center of the earth to blow a shit-ton of nuclear weapons. BEST […]

Contest: Rigoletto – The Met: Live in HD


I’m a fan of Opera (not sarcastic), more than many other people I know. I enjoy listening to people dramatically act out a timeless tale and sing like they’ve been hit in the balls (sarcastic). No seriously, I really do! (truthful) The Met’s Live in HD series is a fantastic production of these classic operas […]

Contest: Mega Bad Movie Night – 2/14


The Academy of Natural Sciences is holding not one, but two Mega Bad Movie Nights in February! The first one is on Feb 14th. That’s right. Valentines Day. For all of you love birds who want to have a date night this is your one stop shop for nerds. Romance, dinosaur fossils, and a horribly […]

Top Gun in IMAX 3D today and on Blu Ray Feb 19th


All you Maverick fans out there are about to have your mind blown. Today Top Gun goes into IMAX 3D movie theaters for a one week limited engagement! But once you see it on the bigger than big screen you will then be able to buy it on Blu Ray in 12 days. Feb 19th! […]

Events: SugarHouse Academy Night 2/7

SugarHouse Academy Night Invitefeat

SugarHouse casino invites you, YES YOU!, to a night of “Glitz and Glamour” this Thursday! With free food, a DJ, and all kinds of film prizes that it will make your head spin. All you need to do is RSVP to by Thursday (Bring your confirmation email with you to get in!). More details […]

Contest: Side Effects – Screening Passes


I’m a sucker for Jude Law movies. I’m especially a sucker when it comes to Jude Law movies that have a serious tone about them. Anna Karenina, Contagion, Closer, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, he rarely disappoints. His new film “Side Effects”, a film from the guys who made Contagion, makes me uncomfortable […]

Contest: Joel Hodgson @ The Trocadero 1/27

joel feat

We all love yelling at movies in Philadelphia. Yelling at the screen like it’s gonna yell right back. But the great originators of commentary were from Mystery Science Theater 3000. Philadelphia is having Joel Hodgson do his 90 minute show and do a special intro to a MST3K episode. We have tickets but only one […]

Mark Wahlberg on the Broken City Philly Red Carpet


The Prince Music Theater hosted a screening of the new movie ‘Broken City’ on January 8th, 2013 featuring an appearance from Mark Wahlberg and director Allen Hughes where Pretentious Film Major Ben made it onto the red carpet and spoke to the star before he went in to talk to the Philadelphia audience. For more […]

At the Academy of Music – Catch Me If You Can


Remember that amazing movie a while back with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio? WE DO! Now you can go see it at the beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, LEGENDARY Academy of Music in Philadelphia. And you know what was missing from the original film? Music. Now you can see the greatest musical based of a movie that […]

Contest: Mama – Free Screening Passes


The title reminds me of that Queen song, but anyways Mama is this crazy new movie from Quillermo Del Toro’s production studio. So crazy it makes me cry for my mama *Rimshot*. We have passes for… Tuesday, January 15th at the Ritz Five at 7:30PM!! All you need to do is email “” with the […]

Contest: The Last Stand – Screening Passes

feat last stand1

Arnold is back! With Johnny Knoxville….. So he’s kinda back… but not Terminator “I’ll be back” back. We at the Dork have early screening passes for those of you who want to see things blow up and then have cliché but hilarious one-liners afterwards. Where: Philadelphia – Ritz Five When: January 16th All you have […]

Contest: Texas Chainsaw 3D – Prize Pack


We have a secret love for horror films here at the Dork. Any movie that can get us to scream like 3 year old girls is one we will definitely not be missing. In this bazillionth remake of the classic horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, we now finally get to experience Leatherface in 3D awesomeness. […]

PFMChannel interviews Booboo Stewart at PAAFF


At the 2012 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival’s spotlight screening of White Frog, star of the film (and occasional Twilight actor) Booboo Stewart spent some time with Ben Silverio of the Pretentious Film Majors. Here, Booboo chats to Ben in an interview about his preparation to play someone with aspergers, the future of limited release of […]

Contest: Free Screening Passes – Promised Land

Promised Land

For all of you who signed up for the Dork Email you were offered FIRST DIBS at these tickets. (Subscribe below!) For the rest of you dorks we have a few left over to give away. Where: Ritz 5, Philadelphia When: Thursday, December 20 at 7:30 PM Email “” with the Subject line “How bout them […]

Contest: Les Miserables – Free Screening Passes


I “dreamed a dream” that the “Master of the Dork” would give away FREE screening passes for one of the biggest films of the year. And that dream came true. We are giving away FREE (first-come-first-serve) Admit-2 screening passes to the first 30 people who email “” with the subject “Master of the Dork” and […]

PAAFF Review – Uploaded: The Asian American Movement


When you hear the word “documentary”, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Chances are that it is either a) a boring British man talking about nothing you care about or b) shark week on animal planet.  Either way, traditionally documentaries don’t have a reputation for being very interesting, especially for young people.  […]

Brad Baldia of the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival


At this year’s Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, Ben Silverio of the Pretentious Film Majors got to speak with Brad Baldia, a founding member of the PAAFF. They discuss this year’s Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, the history of the festival, and some of the special guests being brought to Philadelphia in this PFM Channel […]

Contest: This is 40 – Free Screening Passes

this is 40 feat

Are you a Freak or a Geek? Either way you will want to see his new film “This is 40″ before the reset of the world does! Win free screening passes here on the Dork. We have 30 pairs to give away. Where: Ritz East When: Monday, December 17 at 7:30PM Email “” with your […]

Cinedork Staff Picks Best of 2012 Philadelphia Film Fest


The 2012 Philadelphia Film Festival has come and gone and left Philadelphians with a slew of great, interesting, and odd movies that would have likely not been otherwise recognized. We at Cinedork had the chance to see just about every film in the festival, from big blockbuster to small indie, and are using this column […]

PAAFF ’12: A Decent Arrangement


Have you ever wished that you could just go somewhere and basically decide whoever you wanted marry out of a catalogue? It seems like it would make things a lot easier. This is not the case in A Decent Arrangement, which played in the 2012 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival. This film tells the story of Ashok Khosla […]

Contest – War Horse at The Academy of Music


One of last years biggest films, War Horse, is coming to The Academy of Music this winter! (Nov 20th – Dec 2nd) For all of you who don’t know what War Horse is about…. (I’m looking at you, yes you with the pants on…) It tells the tale of young Albert and his beloved horse […]

Contest: Silver Linings Playbook FREE Screening Passes


Who knew Bradley Cooper could act in something that wasn’t him being really hungover. Silver Linning Playbook is Bradley Cooper’s first Oscar-buzz performance. Playing a slightly crazy man, he and Jennifer Lawrence have FANTASTIC performances that can’t be missed. Go see this movie for FREE with the code below! Courtesy of the Dork. Your Dorky […]

FirstGlace Philadelphia Film Festival


This weekend marks the arrival of the 15th annual FirstGlance Film Festival in Philadelphia. A celebration of Philadelphia local shorts made with Philadelphia in mind. Ranging from 3 to 90 minutes these films capture the spirit of brotherly love. Sure the Philadelphia Film Festival also displays Philly pride but these films are from up-and-coming talent […]

PFF ’12 – Review: Sister

Sister 02

The relationship between thieving, conniving 12-year old Simon and his cranky, shiftless older sister Louise forms the core of the sad, stirring Sister, a film from French director Ursula Meier. Shot by the wonderful cinematographer Agnes Godard, Sister evokes the Alpine ski resort that is the setting of Simon’s mischief, with a gritty self-assurance. Kacy […]

PFMChannel: Opening Night Red Carpet (Silver Linings Playbook)


Zachary Shevich from the Pretentious Film Majors takes us to the Philadelphia Film Festival 2012 Opening Night Ceremony for the red carpet and Philly premiere of Silver Linings Playbook. We talk to Philadelphia-native Brea Bee, and run into some notable faces from the film, including SLP novelist Matthew Quick, and the movie’s director David O. Russell. Catch […]

Mega Bad Movie Night (10/25) – Winner Announced!


Drum roll please….. And the winner is… Bigfoot! October’s Mega Bad movie will be Bigfoot! You can still buy tickets for THIS Thursday at There are lots of fun things planned for the 90 minute reception – DIY Mega-Bad Movie Title, see our strange “cryptozoology-like” specimens from our collection, be a tracker and use […]

PFF ’12 – Two Must See Comedies


The Philadelphia Film Festival is a mix of foreign, dramatic, experimental (Holy Motor’s is one hell of a crazy film) and most importantly, independent comedies. The Comedy and Somebody Up There Likes Me are two films on the 2012 roster that more than deliver. Somebody Up There Likes Me is a quirky, high-paced comedy that […]

Contest – Free Screening Passes – “Fun Size”


Ok… Let’s talk about Fun Size. It’s not a kids movie. (At the end of the trailer a giant chicken is humping a car… Yes… I know) So Nickelodeon has given up destroying a beloved series and turning it into a shitty movie (I’m looking at you M. Night Shamalamading-dong) and has decided to make […]

Contest: Free Screening passes – Tai Chi Zero

tai chi zero

Who doesn’t love Martial Arts movies? Seriously? Who? If you’re not on the bandwagon, IP Man was one of the best Martial Arts films in recent history and holy shit do we have advance tickets to see IP Man’s creator’s new film Tai Chi Zero. All you need to do is Email “” with the […]

Contest: Free Screening Passes – “Paranormal Activity 4″


Paranormal Activity is a franchise that no one expected would have this much life. Four movies, 4 years of “demand it” commercials, 4 years of awesome. It’s great to have a series still have life after 3 movies. YOU! Yes you, sitting there on your laptop, reading this fine website. Have the opportunity, nay the […]

Contest: Mega Bad Movie Night! @ The Academy of Natural Sciences


It’s again time for the greatest film event in Philadelphia to return!!! MEGA BAD MOVIE NIGHT at the Academy of Natural Sciences strikes back with a viewers choice night! Purchase your ticket for October 25th at THIS LINK and you will be able to vote for which movie we watch! Will it be Bigfoot, 2012: […]

Free Screening Passes: Special Forces

special forr

All you free movie lovers out there. We have free passes to give away for “Special Forces” for next Wednesday October 10th in Philadelphia, PA at The Pearl. All you need to do is go to and type in “CINEDK1H7V” Go enjoy this film that is sure to have enough action to kick your […]

Contest: Dredd 3D Comic Book and Badge


Tomorrow the newest, goriest, most bullet-timey 3D movie ever comes out in theaters! We Dorkians pride ourselves in our dorkiness and do we have a surprise for you. We have a LIMITED EDITION Dredd 3D comic book, badge, and mini-poster to send to a lucky winner. WOOT! All you need to do is email “” […]

Contest: Indiana Jones Blu-Ray “The Complete Adventures”


Today is the day! Indiana Jones is FINALLY available in all it’s High Def beauty! These 3 iconic films (and 1 piece of crap) can finally fill up every inch of your huge-ass TV. Who doesn’t want to watch a heart being ripped out of someones chest on their 55 inch TV? For one more […]

Screening Passes – End of Watch

End of Watch

End of Watch is the new film by David Ayer, writer of Training Day and the original Fast and Furious. Taking elements of the raw and gritty street life End of Watch is sure to be a new kick-ass cop film. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code, Zodiac, Jarhead) and Michael Pena (Shooter, Million Dollar Baby) […]