Review: Jurassic World

Jurassic World

Director Colin Trevorrow, fresh off the delightful, small-budget ($750,000) Safety Not Guaranteed, steps up to the $150,000 million Jurassic World. To quote some street jargon, Trevorrow’s not playing. The first flat-out summer blockbuster, Trevorrow’s film knows when to go hard and when to tread lightly. In the spirit of executive producer Steven Spielberg, Trevorrow’s screenplay […]

Could Netflix be the Right Spot for a Reality Renaissance?


I am a sucker for reality shows, especially competitive ones. There’s something about watching a group of people compete with the consistent threat of elimination that is captivating. One competitive reality show that I watch is Survivor; a show that has become emblematic of mega successful reality Juggernauts that dominated ratings in the early aughts. […]

Review: Man Seeking Woman “Traib”


Man Seeking Woman episode two does very little to change my mind about the one dimensionality of its side characters. Josh and Mike try to find out why Josh’s walls are whispering “Maggie,” and all of her stuff attacks them. This sequence uses a ton of practical effects reminiscent of Evil Dead or The Exorcist. It was a great […]

Man Seeking Woman Shows Signs of a Burgeoning Absurdist Masterpiece


Simon Rich created an absurdist masterpiece with the first episode of Man Seeking Woman. Josh Greenberg (played by Jay Baruchel) is a character that may or may not be mentally disturbed. Other absurdist shows usually just have sprinkles of the bizarre, but MSW embraces the insanity to the point where it becomes reminiscent of a […]

Parks and Recreations’ Final Season: 2017/Ron & Jammy


Through 6 seasons, the characters on Parks & Recreation have gradually grown as their interpersonal dynamics developed and added texture. Season 7’s premiere “2017” marks the show’s farthest leap forward, both literally and metaphorically. True, that jump into the future first occurred in the waning minutes of Season 6’s finale “Moving Up”; however, last night’s“2017” […]

The Walking Dead: Season Five Expectations


With The Walking Dead’s fifth season’s return around the corner there are a few key plot points and fan expectations that need to be addressed. A one-minute trailer was just released in which the current group walks through the woods brandishing and utilizing a variety of weapons while an omniscient voice states that “Surviving as […]

Review: The Legend of Korra “Remembrances”


Like almost every final season, the last season of Legend of Korra features a recap episode. I am not a fan of recap episodes and, apparently, neither are the showrunners who Nickelodeon forced to either make a clips episode or layoff writers. That being said the episode was much better than a obligatory clip show […]

Review: Legend of Korra “Enemy at the Gates”

lok s4e5

“Enemy at the Gates” finally shows Korra ready to resume her Avatar duties. Rather than returning to Republic City to see her family and friends, she heads straight to Zaofu to help stabilize the tumultuous situation between Su and Kuvira. Even after Su asks her to fight, Korra maintains that she would rather try and […]

Review: Legend of Korra “The Coronation”


“The Coronation” sets up a lot of conflicts and plot devices that will likely pay off big time later in the season.  First and foremost, the ruthless Kuvira has been pushed firmly into “main antagonist” territory.  She has the makings of a great villain. She’s savagely intimidating and always gets what she wants; a potentially […]

Honeybees are Dying & I Binge-Watched Orange is the New Black


What could have been a productive week turned into plowing through the recently released second season of Orange is the New Black, one of Netflix’s more popular original shows about an all-female prison. And it was totally worth it. “You’re one Cheerio in the bulk box of life,” Nicky tells the self-absorbed Piper, last season’s […]