Reasons to Love the Return Episode of Breaking Bad

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It’s been a long summer in anticipation of the Emmy award winning and generally awesome TV show Breaking Bad, and the first episode back did not disappoint. But what did it do so right to get everyone buzzing? [Spoilers to follow] 1. Star Trek Script This episode seemed a bit serious at the start, but […]

Breaking Bad: Half-Awake in a Fake Empire (“Buyout” Recap)


Remember the first season, when dissolving a body in acid became a comedy of errors? It’s safe to say that those days are long gone. In one of the most sobering openings in the show’s history, Walt, Mike and Todd unearth a dead kid’s dirt bike and take it apart one piece at a time, […]

Breaking Bad: What a Difference a Year Makes (“Fifty-One”)


Well, it’s been a year, or thereabouts, by the timeline of this show. One year since Walter White turned 50, found out he had lung cancer and decided to cook crystal meth in an RV in the outskirts of Albuquerque. One year since a nerdy chemistry teacher tried to rouse enthusiasm in his students by […]

Breaking Bad: Hazard Pay


I’m just gonna say it. Walter White is a terrible man. Yes, I know, he’s a kind of dazzling anti-hero and one of the most well-written characters in the history of television but…he’s still just awful. And he wasn’t always that way, or so it seemed in the early seasons of the show, but the […]

Editorial: The Man From Philadelphia


Mike. At first, when I thought about how I felt about the elusive Mr. Ehrmantraut, it was tough to come up with anything more cohesive than “Man, Mike’s awesome.” It’s easy to see Breaking Bad, with it’s nameless gunslingers and it’s boundless desert setting, as some sort of new wave American western, but Mike, as […]

Breaking Bad “Madrigal” Recap


The second episode of Breaking Bad’s fifth and kinda-final season opens in Germany (Wait, what? Germany? Does Walt even have a passport?) Yes, in Germany, where we meet Herr Schuler, an executive with the very large Madrigal Elektromotoren, a large Germany corporation. While taste testing different dips for chicken nuggets in a laboratory, Schuler is […]

Editorial: Skyler’s Own Breaking Bad

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(WARNING: The following contains very spoily-spoilers. If you want to retain your innocence, don’t read this. If you can get into that sort of thing… knock yourself out) Aside from Walter White, the only character to make such a huge transition from good to morally questionable on Breaking Bad is Walt’s wife, Skyler. She’s gone […]

Breaking Bad: “Live Free or Die”


“Free is always good.” a Denny’s waitress muses to her mostly silent customer, a man from New Hampshire named Lambert. It’s his birthday, but he’s definitely not touching his free meal. Of course, there is no Mr. Lambert from New Hampshire, that man with a startling full head of hair and beard is none other […]

Comic Con: What does the Breaking Bad Poster Reveal?


Breaking Bad is making a somewhat notable appearance at this year’s annual San Diego Comic Con by premiering the first episode of its highly anticipated fifth season there a full day before the show hits AMC. This leaves viewers in the awkward position of having to be extra cautious not to stumble on an early […]

TV News: All Hail King Walter


Less than fifteen seconds of new footage. Only twelve words of spoken dialog. One grandiose, ominous poster. These are the few glimpses we’ve received into Breaking Bad’s upcoming 5th & penultimate season on AMC. Be warned, the rest of the article contains Breaking Bad spoilers. Now that Walter White has come out on top of […]