REVIEW: Once Upon a Time and Wonderland’s Winter Finales Review


When I sat down to watch the last episodes of Once Upon a Time and its spin-off show, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, I was ready for the writers to end with cliffhangers so huge that I would be in a state of shock for days.  With Once Upon a Time coming back to […]

FEATURE: Should You Keep Watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland?

OUATW 3.5 ALice Cyrus Wonderland

When I initially heard that Once Upon a Time was getting a spin-off show, I was super excited because the writers created so many worlds and characters. When it was announced that the setting for the new show would be Wonderland, I was even more excited.  There have been many different retellings of Lewis Carroll’s […]

OUAT: Thinking “Lovely Thoughts”


When it comes to jaw-dropping plot points, the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time, “Think Lovely Thoughts”, takes the cake.  The family relationships in this show are the most complex I have ever seen, and the largest bomb ever dropped in the show is related to such a topic: Peter Pan is actually […]

OUAT: Emma’s Tough Decisions

Emma Featured

Once Upon a Time has introduced dozens of different characters over the course of three seasons, but at the heart of all these fairy-tale characters is someone who bridges the fantasy and real world: Emma Swan.  The main character of the show, Emma Swan is tough, skillful, and unafraid to speak her mind, but underneath […]

The Little Mermaid Sails into Once Upon a Time!

OUAT 3.6 Ariel

Once Upon a Time is in its third season, and until the most recent episode, they had yet to explore fairytales with characters that come from the sea.  Most of the fairytales the writers have used are set on solid ground—not including Jack and the Beanstalk—so it was about time that a character from “under […]

Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time


With the third season of Once Upon a Time set in Neverland, what better time to talk about Captain Hook?  Introduced in the second season, he originally was Cora’s ally, and helped her in trying to take over Storybrooke.  When he gets a hold of the sole magic bean, however, he joins Emma and the […]

Once Upon A Time: Rumpelstiltskin’s Family Tree


The writers of Once Upon a Time have created the most complex family tree that I have ever seen in television.  While Emma, the main protagonist of the show, lies at the heart of the family tree, I’d like to highlight perhaps the most complex member of the tree: Rumpelstiltskin.  We didn’t learn until the […]

Why You Should Watch Once Upon a Time In Wonderland…I Think

OUATW 3.1 Wonderland

Within the television industry, successful television shows often warrant their own spin-off series.  CSI, Doctor Who, Cheers, and Family Guy have all spawned spin offs, and Once Upon a Time now joins the list with Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  While the name isn’t very original, the trailers piqued my curiosity.  Alice, now older, […]

Once Upon a Time: Lost Girl

OUAT 302

Teased to the audience as a new setting for the show after season two ended, Once Upon A Time is utilizing the world of Neverland in the third season, building even more upon their set-up of multiple worlds. However, just like with Wonderland, and the Enchanted Forest, this Neverland isn’t the happy, fun, Disney-version that […]

Once Upon a Time Returns

OUAT 301 Feat.

Since the cliffhanger ending of the second season, fans of ABC’s Once Upon a Time have eagerly awaited the show’s return, and trust me, they were not disappointed! The first episode of the season brings together all the characters-and even some new ones- into a dramatic season opener, filled with action, emotion, and plot twists. […]

Season Review: Once Upon A Time’s Second Season


It’s been a week since the season finale of ABC’s Once Upon A Time.  The cliffhanger ending of the first season left us wondering how Storybrooke would be with the new addition of magic. Fans were kept waiting in suspense for the show’s return this past fall.  The second season has been great for introducing […]

Once Upon A Time: And Straight On ‘Til Morning

Baelfire and hook

It’s finally here. The second season finale of Once Upon A Time has arrived, and it has resolved some plot points while creating more questions for the audience.  The episode’s flashbacks to the FairyTale world are set in Neverland, where Hook plans to hand over Baelfire to the Shadow’s minions, known as the Lost Ones […]

Once Upon A Time: Second Star to the Right

2.21 Darlings

Just as the episode title implies, the first part of the season finale of Once Upon A Time adds more to the universe of Captain Hook introducing Neverland, Wendy Darling, and the heavily-implied backstory of Peter Pan.  The episode opens by revealing to the audience where Baelfire went when he fell through the portal as […]

Once Upon a Time: The Evil Queen

2.20 Regina Snow

As the name of the episode suggests, this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time (and the third-to-last episode at that!) focuses on the evil queen herself: Regina.  In Storybrooke, Regina’s crafty plans are growing by the minute; she even tells her plans to Henry, and then proceeds to wipe his memory of her explanation […]

Once Upon A Time: Selfless, Brave and True

OUAT selfless featured

With only four episodes left in the season, Once Upon A Time is focusing much more on individual characters and how they fit into the over-arching story.  This week’s episode, “Selfless, Brave and True” is August/Pinocchio’s return to the show’s story.  The episode opens in 2011 on the island of Phuket (off the coast of […]

Once Upon A Time: Welcome To Storybrooke

OUAT Welcome Featured

After the whirlwind of events that occurred in last week’s episode, this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time slows things down a bit but still keeps the audience wanting more.  The seventeenth episode of the second season, “Welcome to Storybrooke”, furthers the show’s plot, but instead of a flashback to the FairyTale world, the […]

Once Upon A Time: The Miller’s Daughter (Re-View-Cap)

OUAT MD Featured

Hinted at in last week’s trailer, this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time brings drama and death.  The episode’s drama lies both in the events that occur in Storybrooke and in this week’s backstory in the FairyTale world.  In the backstory, the show finally reveals Cora’s origins.  Cast as the female character in the […]

Five Fairytale Characters Yet to Enter Once Upon a Time


With only seven episodes left in the second season of Once Upon A Time, it is interesting to think about how many more new characters they will pull in, and also which characters the writers will introduce in the third season.  So far, the show has pulled from three different areas.  The first is from […]

The Queen Is Dead: Once Upon A Time (Recap)

2.15 queen

Last week, ABC treated viewers the Oscars, which meant no new Once Upon a Time, but the show returned this week with its fifteenth episode, titled “The Queen Is Dead”. In it, the audience finally learns how Snow White’s mother died.  Shown in the events that occurred in the past in the FairyTale world, we […]

Once Upon A Time: Manhattan (Re-View-Cap)

OUAT Manhattan Featured

Throughout the second season of Once Upon a Time, the viewers have journeyed with Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin in finding his son, Baelfire, and this episode finally brings this quest to an end. Focused on the theme of father/son relationships, “Manhattan” finds Emma, Henry, and Gold in New York, outside the apartment building where Baelfire is supposed […]

Once Upon A Time: Tiny (Re-View-Cap)

OUAT Featured

Back from its three-week hiatus, Once Upon a Time makes a big return with the new episode called “Tiny”. The episode starts with Mr. Gold preparing to leave with Emma and Henry for his quest to find his son. Throughout the episode, we see glimpses here and there as to now Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin has to […]

Once Upon A Time: In The Name Of The Brother (Re-View-Cap)

Dr. Whale

Last week’s episode trailer for Once Upon a Time left fans eagerly awaiting the return of Dr. Frankenstein, the reunion of Regina and Cora, and the shocking plot twist that brought a mysterious character to Storybrooke.  This week’s episode fulfilled all of these promises and much more, though.   The episode immediately picks up where the […]

Looking Into “The Outsider”: Once Upon A Time


Last week’s episode of Once Upon A Time provided a story, even though it lacked major action sequences, which eased us back into the show’s return from its winter hiatus.  This week’s new episode, “The Outsider”, takes a closer at the backstories between Belle and Rumplestiltskin, and the relationship between the two in Storybrooke.  The […]

Once Upon A Time Hops Back with “Cricket Game”


It’s been over a month since Once Upon a Time gave its audience a new episode, but its return from winter hiatus has left the fans eagerly waiting for more.  The newest episode, “The Cricket Game”, opens with Cora and Hook’s arrival to Storybrooke, and Cora’s following conversation about the necessity of planning their attack […]

The “Queen of Hearts” Arrives! (Once Upon a Time)


In the last episode of Once Upon a Time before its winter break, fans were left on the edge of their seats. The episode “Queen of Hearts” opens with a flashback scene in which we see Captain Hook breaking into Regina’s castle in the FairyTale world, and his attempt to learn from the imprisoned Belle […]

Re-View-Cap: Heading Into “Deep” Waters (OUAT)


This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time may not have been the most action-packed episode of the current season, but where it lacks in fight scenes, it makes up for in great acting and sly trickery! This week’s new episode, “Into the Deep”, takes a step back from the swords and arrows (though there […]

The Rise of “The Child of the Moon” (Once Re-View-Cap)


While last week’s episode of Once Upon A Time presented us with more of Emma Swan’s backstory, this week’s episode, “The Child of the Moon,” gives us a look into the backstory of Ruby, Once’s Red Riding Hood/Wolf character of the show. The episode opens up with the seven dwarves continuing their quest to find […]

A “Tallahassee” Tale: Once Upon A Time’s Newest Episode


With so many characters in the ABC television show Once Upon A Time, there is so much opportunity to explore the backstories of our favorite fairytale characters. Until the newest episode titled “Tallahassee”, the audience had little to no information concerning the history of the primary character: Emma Swan. With this episode, we see a […]

“The Doctor” is in on Once Upon A Time


Just in time for the Halloween season, Once Upon A Time’s new episode “The Doctor” introduces the scientist of all scientists: Dr. Victor Frankenstein!  Prior to this episode’s premiere, rumors had circulated that Dr.Whale, the resident doctor in Storybrooke, was the famous Frankenstein. This week, the rumors were confirmed true! This episode contains the first […]

The First Four: The Return of Once Upon a Time


Cue the trumpet fanfare! Once Upon A Time has returned for its second season!  With the nail-biting, palm-sweating cliffhanger that the writers left us with at the end of Season One, viewers were sitting on pins and needles for the show’s return.  And boy, when it returned, it came back with a punch! The introduction […]