The Walking Dead: Season Five Expectations


With The Walking Dead’s fifth season’s return around the corner there are a few key plot points and fan expectations that need to be addressed. A one-minute trailer was just released in which the current group walks through the woods brandishing and utilizing a variety of weapons while an omniscient voice states that “Surviving as […]

REVIEWCAP: The Walking Dead “Live Bait”

The Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

At the end of last week’s episode we saw The Governor standing outside of the prison. This week’s episode, “Live Bait” picks up from where we left off last season with The Governor driving away from the group of Woodbury residents he mowed down after their failure to invade and take over the prison. After […]

The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without an Accident (Re-View-Cap)

TWD 30 days

The Walking Dead had its season four premiere last night and a lot has changed since the last season’s finale. As a quick refresher:  Season three of TWD ended with The Governor shooting all of his men after a failed attempt to massacre Rick’s group at the prison, as a result, the remaining residents of […]

The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs (S3 Finale)

WD Finale Featured

Overall, “Welcome to the Tombs” was a good episode, but not a very good finale. The end result feels like there was no payoff or rewarding resolution to what they have spent the whole season building to. The episode resolved too happily for me. Yes, Allen and a ton of Woodbury residents died. And yes, […]

The Walking Dead: Finale Questions

WD Finale Qs Featured

1. Who will Tyreese side with? Tyreese hasn’t turned out to be as big a character as his arrival during the mid-season finale suggested. But his major role in the comics and recent events suggest that he and his group will play an important part in the war. The last Woodbury episode showed evidence of […]

The Walking Dead: This Sorrowful Life

WD SL Featured

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead is titled “This Sorrowful Life,” and the story lives up to the title. While it was a bit slow paced at the beginning, the end made it one of the strongest episodes in this very competitive season.  If you like Daryl (in other words if you are a […]

The Walking Dead: Prey

WD Prey Featured

Is it possible for an episode of The Walking Dead completely focused on Andrea to be better than an episode with sex, violence, and the “climactic” meeting between Rick and the Governor? Until this week’s episode, “Prey,” I wouldn’t have thought so. After the disappointing culmination of our season long suspense over how the Governor […]

The Walking Dead: Arrow on the Doorpost

WD Arrow Featured

If it wasn’t for my nearly compulsivity in watching The Walking Dead every Sunday, I would think I had missed an episode. This week’s episode, “Arrow on the Doorpost,” picks up at a very strange interval in the story. Ever since meeting the Governor at the beginning of this season, fans have been waiting for […]

The Walking Dead: Home (Re-View-Cap)

WD Home featured

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead starts out slow but gets crazy. The episode begins by showing that the ghostly lady from last week is actually Lori, Rick leaves the prison yard and spends the rest of the episode wandering outside the gates. What’s surprising is that Rick manages a pretty sane version of […]

The Walking Dead: The Suicide King (Re-View-Cap)

WDSK Featured

The Walking Dead returned this week and did not disappoint. This episode picked up right where the midseason finale left off, with Daryl and Merle in Woodbury’s arena poised to fight to the death with no indication of how they would escape. Since November we’ve been waiting to see who would make it out alive […]